Letter to the Editor

As everyone is already well-aware, comments were made by President Fayneese Miller over the weekend to a group of the university’s most prominent student leaders. I was among that group. I was the one that initially posted the audio recording of her address to the student leaders. While the recording is not personally mine, I was given consent to post it and have it reshared. 

I will be honest and say I wasn’t expecting it to blow up like it did. I was prepared for it to get a little traction but I wasn’t expecting it to get over 6,000 views in 48 hours, reposted dozens of times and spread to not only Hamline alumni, but Macalester college as well. I’m beyond relieved and grateful for this spreading the way that it did, though. The student body deserves to know about issues like these. 

My goal with sharing the video was simple: expose the administration’s actions and hold them accountable for the harm they have caused to the student body. Simply put, we are tired of having to suffer from the institutional failings of the university. We are demanding that our voices be heard and listened to. We are demanding change and we are demanding it now. 


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Kinzie McDowell