FUSION Maid Cafe Recap

Reagan Clark, Life Reporter

A Maid Cafe was hosted by the Hamline FUSION organization on Dec. 2. FUSION is an organization that represents the student demographic of transracial and multiracial adoptees, providing them with a community. FUSION also seeks to bring awareness and education to these issues to the wider student body. 

FUSION’s Maid Cafe represents a nearly twenty-year long industry associated with the Akihabara area of Tokyo, Japan. The region has long been a hub for electronics, pop culture stores and arcades available for fans of all ages. Though Maid Cafes are not the only themed cafes in Akihabara, they are a prevalent part of the local culture. These cafes serve many demographics, with anime and video game fans being a large part of those interested.

FUSION provided Hamline students with the chance to partake in attending a Maid Cafe through a replicated cafe set up in Anderson center. Students dressed up in maid garb–reminiscent of the French ensemble of a black dress with white trim, ruffled adornments and frilled headband. 

The food served included BBQ pork buns, coconut cream buns and strawberry shortcake souffle pancakes. Asian bakery Keefer Court, located on the West Bank at the intersection of Cedar and Riverside, provided the coconut cream buns. While Thirty-Six Cafe, founded by Hmong-Americans and located on Grand Ave, St. Paul provided the strawberry shortcake souffles.

Alongside food other activities included jewelry making, a game of bingo, and a raffle with prizes including squishmallows,  a printer, a heated blanket, and a humidifier.