Letter to the editor: Untold Magazine


Untold Magazine is a place for all the weird, chaotic and underground thoughts of Hamline University. No matter who you are or where you come from, your ideas matter, regardless if it is writing or art. Untold magazine brings together all different aspects of Hamline and creates a beautiful melting pot of diversity.

When I first started at Untold Magazine, I had no idea the talent on campus, but every issue of our magazine, our submissions take our theme to the next level.

As a team, we chose passions because everyone has one. Passions make someone who they are in their core, we wanted to explore that a bit on Hamline campus. No one’s passions are the same, but we can all agree that your passions make us who we are.  

How do the passions of Hamline students contribute to their uniqueness? We hope to make people feel less alone while they read and look at our issue for the semester. No matter how weird or chaotic someone thinks they are, I hope they know that there is a place for them. Every semester I hope to grow our submissions and the diversity of pieces. Untold magazine takes all kinds of art styles. We can print writing, paintings, drawings, collages and more! 

In addition to our print, we also have a website. Our website is home to pieces. We have audio pieces, videos, electronic drawings and more! 

There is not much that Untold will not accept in terms of art style. We love exploring the different ways people express themselves. I cannot wait for everyone to see our fall issue and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do because I have been blown away with the work that people have put into their pieces. 




Kimia Kowsari


Untold Magazine

*Member of Oracle staff