New coach is ready to get to work

Former assistant Jim Weyandt takes the reins of Piper baseball.

Gino Terrell, Reporter

Last year’s assistant coach is today’s head coach.

Last Thursday, Jim Weyandt was officially named the head coach of Hamline’s baseball team by Athletic Director Jason Verdugo, who coached the team for several years until taking his new job.

Weyandt played baseball for Hamline as a student and after he graduated in 2003, he became a part of Hamline’s coaching staff. He said having played the game helps a coach understand what the players go through.

On a scale of one to five, one being tough and five being easy, Weyandt rated the transition of becoming the head coach a five.

He has worked with Verdugo for the past nine years and explained that he was a key component in teaching him. Verdugo has been teaching him the ins and outs of the day-to-day operations.

Weyandt believes the 13 seniors on the roster will help him adjust to his new position as well.

“[They] know exactly what to expect,” he said.

Weyandt plans to keep things similar to what Verdugo had established. The team’s six pillars are no exception: hustle, enthusiasm, intensity, communication, discipline and loyalty.

“If we live those out every day, then we will be where we want to be,” Weyandt said.

The team’s goal is to finish in the top four in the conference to make the MIAC Playoffs and win the conference championship.

Last season, the team finished 18-22, with 14 of those losses decided by a one-run margin.

Weyandt said he senses his team is mentally tougher compared to last year.

“We are ready to go. I think we will flip that switch,” he said.

Weyandt recognizes that all eyes will be on him as the head coach and the responsibility falls on his shoulders for the wins and losses. “Hard worker” was the term he used to describe himself.

“Nobody will work harder than me,” he said.

Hamline’s season opener will be Feb. 21 at Mall of America Field against Northwester-MN. Weyandt urged fans to come.

“I always want support,” he said.

As for expectations concerning the 2013 baseball team, Weyandt hopes to instill his hardworking attitude into the players.

“They will work hard and represent [Hamline University] on and off the field with the highest standards,” Weyandt stated.