Make Space for Artspace

Osborne’s lounge gets an artsy makeover.

Chloe McElmury, Senior Columnist

Hamline students collaboratively paint a mural that will be redone each year to celebrate.
Aida Audeh, Professor of Art History, thanks participants and expresses her excitement for ArtSpace.

In its inaugural event on September 10, ArtSpace welcomed a diverse crowd of students to a Hamline-exclusive community of makers and creators. In response to a survey sent out to Fine Arts majors, students overwhelmingly desired a space on campus to collaborate and showcase artwork. Students who would like access to ArtSpace are simply asked to contact the Office of Residential Life.

According to Hamline’s website, “ArtSpace is a collaborative creative space for all Hamline students, regardless of major or living arrangement.”

Located on the first floor of Osborn Hall, ArtSpace has instruments such as acoustic guitars, hand drums and an electronic keyboard. Art supplies such as sketchbooks, canvases and paints are also available for students to use.

Music performed by Ibaba, Professor Mark Berkson’s band, kicked off the event, matching the enthusiastic mood of those in attendance. Berkson is part of the Hamline faculty, serving as Professor and Chair of the Religion Department. Ibaba invited party-goers to get involved with the music-making, with extra instruments available. Participants of the event painted a large three panel canvas that will be repainted annually by Hamline students.

First-year Lillian Payan was one of many attendees who “helped paint the wall.” “I really liked how the art space was student driven,” she said. Payan is an example of how The ArtSpace is for everyone. Expressing how she wouldn’t give herself the title of an artist because “everyone has the power to be an artist, it’s just up to them to express it.”

If you were too busy enjoying the free food from food trucks or the bouncy recreations of the block party to attend, don’t worry, The ArtSpace kick-off was just the beginning of many events for artists this school year. Upcoming events include Fine Art socials, planned for both the Fall and Spring semester and Fine Art linked FYSEMs.