Athletes of the Week

Frank Gustafson

Growing up in Spicer, Minn., Hamline sophomore Frank Gustafson had started running in 8th grade when his mother took him off of his school football team to do so. When he graduated Gustafson didn’t initially come to Hamline. For his first semester of college he was in New York. After one semester he returned to Minnesota to start running for Hamline, which he said was a “better fit for him.” Ever since spring of last year Gustafson has been one of Hamline’s top runners.

Of all his accomplishments here at Hamline Gustafson says his favorite was “when I took tenth place at the MIAC championship.” By doing this Gustafson placed highest of any piper at the championship for the past five years. As well this achievement has made Gustafson qualify for this years all-conference team. But he’s not done, also going on to say that with everything he did the most important part was “getting better over the course of the season and being a good example of a hard working runner.”

Gustafson said that in order to run well a runner needs to “run with integrity and perseverance, so that they can get through anything. They need to be gutsy and roll with the punches.” This is exactly what he said he hopes to bring to the team. And he does bring it by providing, “A mix of both distance and speed.” Although Gustafson believes he brings a lot to the team he is grateful for what it gives him as well. “It feels like a family, everyone is close.” Gustafson said.

Megan Rubbelke

The Hamline Volleyball team got a great new player this year in first-year Megan Rubbelke. Megan has been playing volleyball for the past 11 years so she has quite a bit of experience. Coming from North St. Paul she is a native of the area and found Hamline as a good place to continue her volleyball career.

When the team started off rough this season it did not slow the spirit of the Rubbelke. “I think I bring a lot of fun energy when it’s needed most.” Rubbelke said. That energy helped when things turned around near the end of the season. “We definitely finished stronger by the end of this year.” With two back to back wins to end the season this First Year created one of her “favorite memories” in Volleyball.

When looking at Rubbelke as a player she shows just how great she is at supporting the team. Finishing the year Megan had a total of 399 assists, the most on the team. As well Rubbelke ended the season with 29 service aces, a serve in which the other team is unable to pass the ball, and averaged 4.53 assists per set. Amongst her large number of assists Rubbelke was able to get 82 assists in the last two game alone.