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Goodbye, President Hanson

 Hanson sits with Anderson Center dedicatee Carol Young Anderson (‘46).
May 13, 2015

Linda's legacy: A timeline of her Hamline presidency   Became president July 2005 Linda Hanson became the 19th president of Hamline University after four years as president of the College...

The malfeasance of privilege

The malfeasance of privilege
October 22, 2014

Last week’s issue of the Oracle presented a comprehensive list of candidates running for various seats in the 2014 election cycle. The published informational section, located on the right side of the...

Dayton and Johnson face off

Gubernatorial  candidates Jeff Johnson and Mark Dayton go head to head in Klas Center.
October 22, 2014

  This Sunday, Klas Center’s Kay Fredericks ballroom was the scene of the fourth gubernatorial debate in the 2014 election year, between DFL incumbent Governor Mark Dayton and GOP candidate Commissioner...

Can the MNGOP win without the college student?

Can the MNGOP win without the college student?
MN GOP holds on to the antiquated mantle of power that has left the room and political races.
March 4, 2014

Worn out and tired is what some call the Republican Party of Minnesota, more commonly referred to as the MNGOP. Minnesota’s right-wing political party must quickly develop new talking points customized...

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