The student news site of Hamline University.

The Oracle

The student news site of Hamline University.

The Oracle

The student news site of Hamline University.

The Oracle

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All staff are REQUIRED to attend weekly meetings, Thursday at Convo Hour (11:15) in DSC 106.

Editorial staff are REQUIRED to work in the office at 9 a.m. every Sunday during layout. The entire day is devoted to designing and editing the newspaper before it goes to print.

All positions are paid–editorial staff receive a monthly stipend, and general staff are paid by commission, with the exception of Business Manager.


Section Editor

Section editors are assigned to one partition of the newspaper (News, Opinion, Sports, A&E, or Variety) and are responsible for finding stories within their beat, assigning reporters and photographers to them, and helping reporters find contacts and edit their stories. The section editor will lay out the basic section using InDesign each Sunday before print, before handing it over to the design editor. The section editor will also be responsible for a final read-through and fact-check of names, dates, and numbers in their section each week. This employee should have experience in reporting and editing, as well as experience in or willingness to learn page design, and should have at least 4 months experience in working at the Oracle.

Web Editor 

The web editor is responsible for updating the Oracle website on a weekly basis and engaging the community through interactive content. There should be a lot of focus on the visual appeal of the website. The web editor is not required to be present at Sunday layout, but should be in the office frequently each week.

Social Media Director 

The social media regularly updates the Oracle‘s social media accounts. This person will create content, monitor accounts and promote our stories on social media. The position will also require the ablility to stay on top of trends and news on the internet, and updating the website to be as accurate and timely as possible.

Copy Editor

Copy editors are responsible for reading over and making suggestions/corrections to stories when they are submitted on Google Docs during the week. Copy editors should have a good understanding of grammar, style, and flow and be able to articulate these things to reporters. Fact-checking and verifying names and numbers is a necessary part of this process. If a copy editor is not familiar with the Associated Press style of editing, they should be willing to learn and ready to consult the style guide about any questions they may have. Copy editors are required to work in the office on Sundays and edit the hard copies of each page layout.


The ad manager communicates with potential advertisers and monitors invoices and payments.  



Reporters should be able to pitch compelling news stories to the staff and pursue their own contacts and sources for each story they write. Articles should be written objectively, using a minimum of two in-person sources, with a word count of around 500. Reporters will research their stories, locate and conduct interviews with contacts, and submit their story on Google Docs by Thursday of the week before the edition goes to print. Reporters should be actively checking and editing their stories as copy editors and the editorial staff review it online, and should be altering their writing patterns and learning the nuances of style and flow according to the suggestions of the editors, to make stories as effective and interesting as possible.


A photographer will be responsible for attending assigned events and taking photographs that best represent the scene. Photographers also work on a rotating schedule, ask the weekly SpeakOut question, record student responses, and snapshot said students. Sometimes photographers will be asked to cover a story, and should be familiar with the format and style of news stories enough to write at least a brief about the event/activity being photographed. Photographers are also responsible for recording the (accurately spelled) names and class years of the subjects, and providing photo captions to accompany each image. Experience with photo editing is recommended.

Illustrator/Graphic Designer – CURRENTLY HIRING

The illustrator or graphic designer should have the artistic talent and flexibility to create specific pieces of artwork on commission, but also the initiative to independently create satirical or humorous cartoons for the Opinion section. This employee should be able to produce work very quickly on short notice, and it is preferable that the illustrator/graphic designer be present during Sunday layout.


The adviser acts as an available resource to Oracle staff members. Responsibilities include attending weekly Thursday meetings and giving critiques and feedback on the weekly issues, but due to the Oracle’s status as an independent student-run newspaper, the adviser has no involvement in editorial content or matters of personnel.

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