Graduating athletes look back on their time in play

It’s spring which means graduation is on the horizon and Hamline athletics prepares to send their next team out into the world.

Jilly Wortman, Sports Reporter

Sena Ross

If you ask any Hamline senior who has participated in the Hamline Athletic Department what their favorite memory from their time on their team was, they will be able to answer within seconds. Whether it’s breaking school records, having great season records, end of game celebrations or building lifelong bonds with teammates, they all have something to answer the question at hand. 

Each year a new bunch of graduates steps into the next phase of their lives leaving behind the classroom and teams that were so present during their four years. Hamline has supplied many athletes with a community full of wins, losses and sportsmanship. 

The past four years have been tumultuous; they have tested the importance of the team and its players. 

“I’ve grown emotionally and in maturity, and I’ve gained confidence in my ability to lead and my ability to be successful in all aspects of my life,” said Lindsey Bernardy, a senior on the women’s basketball team as well as track and field. 

Through these trying times, a new generation of leaders has found their footing. 

“I have matured in terms of leadership a lot since I came in as a freshman. I have grown in my leadership qualities and I have found my leadership strength. I’m not a rah-rah guy, I’m more of a relationship builder,” said Avery Nelson, senior baseball player.

These athletes continued to grow and progress both on and off the field. 

“My biggest takeaway is learning to gain confidence through preparation,” said Hayden Ring, a senior on the baseball team. 

Sena Ross

Nelson also noted the importance of work ethic in sports.

“Plus hard work, you gotta work hard and be able to do your job and do it well. I mean, you’re only as good as your preparation. You gotta work hard on your preparation so you can be good at your job,” he said.

Every graduating senior is leaving something behind, whether it’s the clubs, classes or athletics. The community that was such a key component of the experience will now come to a close.

“I will truly miss every part of being an athlete,” said Bernardy. “Most of all, while there are plenty of jobs that allow a person to be part of a team, they will never come close to creating the same bond among teammates as sports do. I will miss spending my time with a team of people that truly care for each other and would do anything for one another.” 

The other half of athletics is game day. The competition during those game days can be found in very few other places.

“Competition in general, this is the place where you can express those types of emotions,”  Ring said. 

When this year’s athletes walk across the stage, they will be carrying the Hamline athletics name with their heads held high and heading out into the world ready for their next court to perform.