End of year student check-in

As the academic year comes to a close, students have mixed feelings about this past year.

Kathryn Robinson, Sports Reporter

Leo Coughenour

This past academic year has been unlike any other. With classes changing from virtual to hybrid to in-person, many students feel drained and are ready to put this year behind them. Because of this, many Hamline students have mixed feelings about the 2021-2022 school year.

Sophomore Tjessa Arradondo felt like this year went great.

“I really enjoyed the classes I took this year and feel like they’ve helped me build onto my strengths and interests,” Arradondo said. “I also feel like I’ve been able to meet so many great people and have experiences I didn’t have the chance I didn’t have the chance to have last year. The stress is still there especially during finals, but the good experiences overcome it.”

Senior Raina Meyer also remembers fond memories of the past year.

“I’m really glad that I’ve been able to have a more normal college experience this semester. It has been wonderful to see my friends everyday and attend events hosted by our amazing student organizations,” Meyer said. “I also think that academic burnout has been affecting students very much this year, including myself, which has been pretty difficult, but it has been nice to find community.”

The majority of students did not characterize this past year as great, and have rather mixed feelings on it. 

Sophomore Kimia Kowsari felt like the past year was especially draining.

“So much happened this semester that sometimes mentally having the energy for class was too much,” Kowsari said.

Sophomore Samantha Huberty echoes similar remarks.

“I would say that classes were kind of a struggle for me this year,” Huberty said. “Being a 2020 graduate, college is still pretty new to me, and having to switch from all online, to half online, then fully in person was an adjustment. I found myself having a hard time staying motivated with school.”

Being a commuter student can be challenging in any year, but especially these past couple years. Sophomore Josiah Wiest found difficulty this year, especially as a commuter student.

“With this semester and with how bad COVID got it took a toll on my mental health and school wasn’t my main priority. I didn’t have a push to go to class because COVID was very stressful,” Wiest said.  “I also liked my classes a little bit less this semester. With everything going on around the world, there is so much pushing me away from my schooling. There’s just so much happening that it’s hard to be a student.”

Even though this year was stressful for many, students have many ideas for how Hamline could improve for next year.

“I think the transparency to say that everyone is feeling the same is so important. We are all feeling heavy, even our professors, and we should all be honest about that. Hamline should continue to show transparency and support in that way,” Wiest said. “I don’t feel as connected to Hamline because I’m a commuter. I just wish there was more information sent out about events.”

A push for student organizations to have more support is important to students as well.

“Professors should be a bit more understanding about missed classes and assignments. I think Hamline could definitely do more to make orgs feel supported,” Kowsari said.

Getting together for events like Fireball was a highlight for countless students, and the push to have even more for next year is strong. 

“I really hope that student organizations can continue to put on events that will bring together the Hamline community, and I really encourage students to become more involved in their interests through those organizations,” Meyer said. “It can really make a difference both for yourself and for those org leaders.”

As finals week approaches, it is crucial to continue to take care of your mental and physical health. While this year has been draining for many, the end is right around the corner.