End of the year like usual

Move out is on students’ minds and the horizon. This year it will look more like the past than in recent years.

Anika Besst, News Editor

Manor Hall is one of the oldest dormitories at Hamline University and houses students of all years. (Chetha Ny)

With the COVID-19 pandemic in a different phase than years past, Residential Life prepares for a move-out similar to pre-COVID practices. 

The spring semester concludes May 12, 2022. As of the publishing of this article, there will no longer be a limit to the number of people who can help a student move out. Masking will still be required. 

Director of Residential Life Yolanda Armstrong has been working to make the information about move out available and concise since the office recognizes the busyness and stress of the end of the academic year. 

We’re just trying to decrease the amount of information that is disseminated so that it’s more short and sweet and to the point… It’s just not time for a lot of heavy content. [It’s about] getting the facts out and going to try to do a lot more

Sorin Hall is one of the most newly renovated buildings at Hamline. It houses multiple departments including Public Safety, the campus store, Piper
Xpress and student dorm rooms. (Chetha Ny)

via email because the RAS just have a lot on their plates,” Armstrong said. 

First- year student Elena Laskowski attended her floor’s brief end of the year meeting. 

“I feel like [moving out] is pretty straightforward,” Laskowski said. “I’m excited for summer. I’m excited to be done.”

Enrollment for this school year has been lower than in years past. The change in numbers does not impact move-out.  

“For most of the RAs in the residence, it’s just less people, less congestion. So for move out purposes, having fewer people is not posing any additional challenges or problems,” Armstrong said. 

As for the contract end dates for housing, this is the last academic year the apartments will have a different end date than the other residence halls. Historically, it has been done separately since it is an apartment and works with leases in this way. 

The Hamline Apartments has historically housed students over the summer. This building is located on campus and the only apartment style
housing availble at Hamline. (Chetha Ny)

Moving forward they will have the same end date across campus with late stay options still available as needed. This will allow for facilities to prepare the apartments, which is where those staying for the summer usually occupy. This includes students who stay for summer research, may term courses and other reasons. 

It just has been challenging for facilities to get the rooms ready in the apartments if you still have the whole entire hall full because the end date is not until the end of the month…It just really has posed a lot of challenges and so for ease of use we have to get those dates the same so that there’s no frustration when we say fill out late stay,” Armstrong said. “There’s so many reasons why somebody would need to stay, we just have to track it so we know what rooms are free and available and ready to clean and get turned.”

If a student to late stay, they can fill out the survey sent by Residential Life via email. Staying can sometimes cost extra, which can be further discussed with the Residential Life office. When a student stays, they receive a sign on their door so facilities or other offices do not key in. The survey will allow facilities to prepare for the number of rooms they have to fix or clean post late stay. 

Drew Hall was one of the student dorms but recently it’s been closed due to renovations and is slated to open next school year. (Chetha Ny)

As the year concludes, the topic of next year’s living situations becomes more timely. This next year, Drew Residence Hall’s status is a topic of discussion. 

Armstrong said that according to facilities and architects, Drew Residence is slated to be open for the 2022-23 academic year. 

As for moving out in the near future, Manor RA Nolan Sherburne has words of advice echoed by many RAs. 

“If you’re moving out please be sure to get all of your belongings out of the building before your check out time. That and be sure to dust/sweep/vacuum,” he wrote in an email. “Leave the rooms cleaner than they were when you moved in, it will make your RA very happy!”