Walking the Alumni (Run)Way

Hamline students discuss their fall fashion ‘musts’ and share their clothing inspirations and excitements for fall.

Eden Fahy, Life Reporter

Vinny Torres

As the signature Minnesota cold creeps closer, Hamline students are curating outstanding outfits to match the changing weather. 

The Oracle asked students around campus what they were looking forward to in the fashion department this fall, and the answers were clear. From earthy color palettes to layers and accessories, there’s plenty to look forward to this fall. 

Sophomore Kolbe Brown told the Oracle that he’s excited to add more layers to his outfits this fall.

“I am really going to be into layering and stuff like that. I think that layering is so fun. I’ve been in my flannel mood right now … and I feel like flannels in the fall, you just can’t miss,” he said.

Senior Ruqa Martins seconds Brown’s excitement, going as far as to say that her outfits are at their best in the colder months.

“I like layers… I just like putting the layers on and sweaters and stuff. I definitely would dress better in the winter and autumn because I feel like there’s more options,” Martins said. “More clothes are needed because it is cold which means more creativity which I’m excited for.”

Martins is also excited about the emerging fall color palette, inspired by the darker colors of New York streetwear. 

“During autumn there’s definitely the darker colors and such, and not just black, but the dark green, and maroon and orange. I go into that palette and make it my own,” Martins said.

Conversely, senior Ubah Omar and sophomore Alana Kabaka are looking to branch out from the toned down neutrals associated with fall. 

Omar said she’s been into pastels recently and told the Oracle that florals are a year-long pattern for her.

“I wear floral because my name means flower,” Omar said.

Kabaka says that she’s just always loved color.

“For me, I love colors,” she told the Oracle. “I know that people, when it gets colder, they are not really into the brighter colors … but I’m definitely like ‘colors year round!’”

Vinny Torres

One thing’s for sure, the weather shift is no joke in Minnesota. As the days grow short and the air becomes crisp, each student recommended a uniquely helpful must have for the harsh Minnesota winters.

“I would say wear a lot of things that have a little bit of fur to them or even a little bit of a thicker material,” Omar told the Oracle. 

More specifically, Martins gave some tips for finding a winter coat and boots.

“The big thing about jackets is [to] have a range,” she said. “And that goes for shoe wear [too]… Have a range so you don’t feel like you always have to wear these heavy boots with a cute outfit … Practical for the winter, but also matches your outfit.”

Brown focused on keeping your feet warm while traveling from class to class.

“You need some really thick socks,: he said.“Ones that are long and can raise up, because the snow gets in your shoes so bad, especially walking across campus.” 

Finally, Kabaka told the Oracle that she relies on good sets of earmuffs and gloves.

“For me, my ears get really cold. So hats, earmuffs, etcetera.” she said. “Also gloves, 100%,” [and] any cute knitted mittens.”

Overall though, there seems to be a clear consensus of the importance of self expression when choosing an outfit. 

“I think something about fashion is that you can always make whatever weather or whatever scenario you’re having to go through that day still look cute,” Omar said.

Brown told the Oracle he admires when he sees a person add their own personality to their outfit.

“I like seeing people who know what they like and I can pin point them out,” he said. “It shows their character.” 

Kabaka and Martins use social media platforms like TikTok and Pinterest to find outfit inspiration. Martins encourages people to add their own flare to outfits they find online. 

“While you go on pinterest and look for yourself, more things will show up of your interest. If you like certain things or pin certain things it’s gonna show up and give you inspo,” she told the Oracle. “Just make sure you put your own spin on things, don’t always just copy paste.” 

College is known to be a time for self-exploration and growth. These students are taking that chance and turning Alumni Way into their very own runway.