Letter to the editor: Why vote?


When I was tabling for Hamline Votes recently, I asked students if they were registered to vote. Most either said they were registered, or filled out a voter registration form, or expressed interest in learning more about the process. However, it was discouraging to have several students respond “no” and say that they weren’t planning on voting. 

It made me sad, because voting is a simple way to have a voice in your future. Do you care about protecting individual rights? Social justice? Education funding? Pell Grants and Financial aid? Access to affordable health care? Immigration? Transit and Transportation Funding? 

Elected officials at all levels make decisions that impact your lives every day and that will definitely impact your future. People fought and died for your right to vote. Please don’t squander it. It’s the first step toward creating a future that you believe in. 

For more information, Minnesota residents can check out the official Secretary of State’s website:  https://www.sos.state.mn.us/elections-voting/. Residents of other states should look up your state’s voting website.  There are a number of non-partisan resources you can access to help you learn more about the candidates and their positions. 

Despite being a cliché it’s also true — Every Vote Counts! 


Jane Krentz

Director of McVay Youth Partnership

Minnesota State Senator 1993-2002