Never ‘Boo’ Soon to Celebrate!

Hamline students share their hopes for this Halloween season. Written by Eden Fahy

Eden Fahy, Life Reporter

  As the creeping cries of Halloween draw closer, and the trees decorating the Hamline campus begin their shift from green to orange, Hamline students are more than excited for this upcoming fall season. 

In discussion with the Oracle, students all around campus explain what they are most excited for this Halloween season. From costumes to events, the fall spirit seems to have overtaken the campus. 

Sophomore Anna Deibert shared her excitement about Halloween with the Oracle.

“I’ve always gone trick or treating, since I was little,” she said. “I love being able to dress up and be in character. I’ve always been in theatre … so that character aspect is really fun.”

Junior Nathaniel Brelsford shared Deibert’s love for dressing up. He is excited for his plans this Halloween. 

“My plans are to dress up and then eat too many sweet things, and then pass out,” he said. “I really like dressing up. I’ll probably dress up like Robin from Batman. The actor in me always likes pretending to be another person … It’s a great excuse to just see how creative you can get with it.”

Brelsford told the Oracle that Halloween is “a top tier holiday.”

“Halloween is the only [holiday] that is about having fun… it’s about the fun of fear, the fun of trying new things, and that is always going to be for any age,” shared Brelsford.

Sophomore Emmett Frett is also a big fan of the holiday. 

Frett echoed Brelsford’s statements.

“I think Halloween is just all about the fun. There is obviously a religious connotation that [the holiday] came from, but I think that for me personally it’s … more secular,” Frett said. 

In terms of costumes, Frett has his sights set on a showstopper.

“I wanna be Frank’n Furter … I’ve got plans we’ll see,” he said.

When it came to Hamline based festivities, these students had some ideas of their own. 

“I think a costume contest would be very fun,” Brelsford told the Oracle.

And Frett shared the excitement.“I don’t know if I could be in a costume competition, that’s a lot of pressure … but I love watching [them],” he said.“I would love a dance [too], that would be super cool!”

Some other Halloween and fall events to look forward to this season include the Haunted Hallway, as well as a Murder Mystery Night both of which will take place in the Manor Great Hall. 

To find more information on Hamline events as the month progresses follow the Hamline University Programming Board on instagram @hupb.