Halloween fashion recap: Nostalgia, trend cycles and a surprising lack of fake blood

‘Twas the season for off-the-wall costumes, extravagant makeup and spiderwebbed decor. With Halloween this past week, it is only fitting to reflect on some of the most popular costumes of the season!

Alex Sirek, Reporter

Throughout hundreds of different costumes, targeted advertisements and online moodboards, one common theme could be seen throughout: Nostalgia. 

Retrospective styles, specifically early 2000s and 90s fashion, have been highly dominant in the fashion-sphere for the past few years. It only makes sense that the trendiest costumes of the year would follow suit. 

This reflective trend was clear to see through costumes referencing cartoons that you may have grown up with. For some reason, I witnessed enough Scooby Doo Halloween costumes to last me several lifetimes. I can understand dressing like Velma or Daphne, but why even bother going out dressed as boring as Fred? Jinkies, I saw A LOT of lackluster Fred costumes! 

Though these cartoony fashion choices may not be my cup of tea, a different kind of nostalgic costume was also abundant. Female horror protagonists from the early to mid 2000’s were a shockingly common choice, specifically, costumes referencing Black Swan and Jennifer’s Body

These costumes depicting beloved villainesses of yesteryear are my absolute favorites! Though Nina and Jennifer may not come to mind when you initially think of timeless horror protagonists, this spooky revival could signal shifting interests of horror-watchers. Who needs passé masked, messy, dingy horror villains when you can dress like a woman who used her beauty to cut up and cannibalize her high-school classmates?

Whether you dressed as an evil temptress or a bumbling cartoon buffoon, I’m wishing everyone a slightly posthumous Halloween season!

Ma T. Shwe