The importance of mock trial

It’s shaping up to be an exciting season for Hamline Mock Trial.

Lucy Severson, News Reporter

“This year has been a unique year so far, as we have a lot of new members,” Katelyn Krummel, the president of Hamline Mock Trial, told the Oracle in an email. “This has been a great opportunity for returning members to step into leadership roles. My main goal this season is to have fun and help prepare the program for success.” 

So far this year they have had two tournaments, one at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and the other at Drake University.

This is Mohamed Shukri’s third year on Hamline’s Mock Trial team.

Mohamed Shukri, a junior, serves on the executive board of Hamline mock trial, while also competing as an attorney and witness for the team. 

“A professional organization, Mock trial is a simulated trial court experience in which students learn about the American Legal System,” Shukri wrote in an email. “Students prepare and try a case playing both the attorney and witness roles. As such, the purpose of mock trial is primarily educational. We compete against other schools from all across the country, switching off who is representing the defendant and plaintiff.” 

According to the Presence website, Hamline has nearly one hundred organizations for students to join. Shukri highlighted the importance of mock trial. 

“Mock Trial is important in that it teaches students how the legal system functions, especially in a court of law. We learn courtroom procedure which has helped members in a real court,” Shukri said. “Mock trial gives students lots of real world experience and opportunities to apply what they’ve learned at tournaments.” 

Hamline will be hosting the 3rd Annual George Floyd Memorial Tournament which will be held December 3 and 4. 

“The tournament we host donates a portion of the proceeds to a local organization that advocated for racial equity,” Krummel said. 

At tournaments, students can meet like-minded individuals from across the nation and practice their presentation skills. 

According to AdmissionSight, “if you can effectively prove your point in a mock trial court of law, you might be able to articulate yourself in your future endeavors…such as: college application essays, resumes, personal statement, essays for university classes, emails with classmates or colleagues.”

“Mock trial helps students with public speaking, confidence and presentation skills,” Krummel wrote. “It is beneficial for students of all different majors. People interested in law are especially benefited, as they learn more about courtroom procedure.” 

Students can get involved by contacting