Staff ed: Incidents of hate and discrimination


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In the past year, members of our community have experienced hate speech incidents and microaggressions that have resulted in much-needed conversation. 

Recently this year, The Oracle has been made aware of two such incidents. One of which included an Islamophobic incident that happened a few weeks ago and the Dean of Students office informed Hamline about via email on Nov. 14. The other, an act of homophobia that was written in a classroom and found two weeks ago. 

Already these two incidents have occurred and communities have been harmed and traumatized. While historically The Oracle’s coverage of hate speech and incidents of discrimination have not always been present, we hope that any and all coverage we do now and moving forward can be a means of platforming voices and experiences and informing readers of steps to move forward and ways of supporting their peers. 

We hope that our coverage and our means of communication and publishing can be a resource to our community at all times and in no way do we want to further the impacts and harm of these situations. 

We also hope that the actions of Hamline and the offices that have the power to address these issues and implement lasting changes will continue to do their part in supporting and protecting communities. 

Before becoming students here, we hear the many ways in which Hamline seeks and celebrates diversity, community and social justice. These are pillars of our institution and though no university is perfect, students should never be exploited or left to defend themselves due to their identities, including those identities that differ from others on campus, especially when the institution advertised and sought them out. 

We hope conversations will continue to be had between those in power, both administratively and student-wise, in order to best support all members of our community. 

And unfortunately when incidents occur, we hope they are handled in the best interest of those most closely impacted, and information is shared with the wider Hamline community when seen best fit by the emotional stakeholders and not just when it is deemed necessary to address.

The Oracle hopes to remain an evolving and ever-improving platform for these conversations. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please consider this anonymous form. 



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