Stretching the mind and body

Lucy Severson, News Reporter

Chetha Ny

As finals approach, students may be feeling stressed or anxious, and looking for a way to relieve that stress or anxiety. At Hamline, students can attend weekly yoga and meditation practices through Hamline University Mindfulness and Meditation (HUMM).

Studies show that yoga and meditation practices are highly beneficial for college students. According to the National Library of Medicine, the Yogic practice impacts emotional sensitivity, sustained attention, mental performance and balanced personality traits among students, which are all ways of improving academic performance. 

“Yoga also reduces perceived stress and negative effects in college students thereby improving psychological well-being in them,” National Library of Medicine said. 

Yoga’s over-5000-year-old history stems from spiritual ancient Indian practices that have since been integrated and, in some cases, appropriated by Western culture. 

We hold meetings every Thursday from 6[:00] to 7[:00] in the Wellspring on the third floor of Anderson,” said Raine Lentz, first-year and the leader of HUMM’s weekly yoga and meditation practices. “I have been doing yoga for a few years and I really like it. Mindfulness and meditation activities really helped me in recovering from mental illnesses so I wanted to be able to lead it and help other people, especially in a stressful situation like college.” 

These are two practices this office also explores. 

“Mindfulness and meditation are wellness practices. When individuals are well, so is the community,” Rabbi Esther Adler of the Wesley Center told the Oracle in an email. 

The Wellspring on the third floor of Anderson is a quiet, interfaith room for prayer and meditation. It is
available daily to all Hamline students, faculty and staff from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (Aidan Stromdahl)

HUMM also offers other events to help students de-stress, if they don’t wish to participate in yoga or meditation. 

“We are planning to do a heal your inner child event, but we haven’t decided on the date for that yet,” Lentz said. “We’re gonna have toys and we’re going to have cartoons and activities to do to heal your inner child. There will be fidget toys and candy and basically you just get to act like a kid again.” 

HUMM is offered through Hamline’s Wesley Center. 

“The Wesley Center for Spirituality, Service and Social Justice offers many opportunities for wellness of the individual, the Hamline community and the greater good,” Adler said in an email. “Come check us out.” 

Students can also bring questions to these spaces and to the staff. 

“If you have any questions you can come in and talk to me or Nur Mood or Rabbi Esther Adler,” Lentz told the Oracle. “My office hours are on Thursdays and Fridays and you can find them on our Instagram page. @humm22_23.” 

For students who cannot attend HUMM’s yoga classes on Thursdays, Hamline student org RISE Yoga Club offers yoga classes on Monday nights at 7:00 p.m. in Walker Fieldhouse 34.


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