Do you Have a story to tell?


Cathryn Salis, sports editor

Student athletes have some of the busiest schedules on campus, which means that they are often pushing their minds and bodies to their limits. 

Especially during the regular season, Hamline athletes are sometimes running on fumes as they balance class, all the training for their sport and often a job or two. 

Staying connected to the rest of campus can be a struggle when there is hardly enough time in the day to get all one’s homework done. 

The Oracle can be a platform to uplift fellow teammates and celebrate a team’s culture that game stats cannot reflect. Send us a fun opportunity to play a pick-up game on a weekend or an advertisement for an intramural team. 

Or make sure your concerns are being heard when you are struggling with something you feel is going unnoticed. Do you have a concern with something that happened this year in your team, at Hamline or in the community?

As sports seasons begin to pick up for the winter season and classes are nearing their end, a period of reflection is about to begin. 

I want to encourage student athletes to take on a leadership role in our campus community. Engage in your student-run newspaper!