Student Organizations on display

How students can follow their passions on campus

Alex Bailey, News Reporter

Within the walls of Hamline University, student organizations – sometimes referred to as student orgs – have an important role in the lives of students. Student organizations are a great way to get involved and meet new people on campus,and with over 46 organizations to join, everyone can find something that suits them best. 

Student orgs are not limited to simply meeting and speaking with one another, however. Asli Abdi, a Hamline sophomore and the president of the Hamline African Student Association (HASA), was excited to announce a variety of upcoming events. 

“[I’m really excited for the] HASA Cup, a soccer tournament. It’s low stakes but really fun. It’s a great way to meet new people,” Abdi said.

Other members of HASA are looking forward to the food that will be offered. 

“[We’re also excited for] Taste of Africa, which is catered by local African restaurants. It’s open to all students,” said sophomores and HASA members Alana Kabaka and Luke Snow. 

You can find out more about the Hamline African Student Association by visiting their Instagram page: @hasa_hamline. 

Student orgs can also help students get in touch with social justice advocacy. Cece Chemlik, a first-year board member on the Hamline Environmental Education Project (HEEP) was thrilled to share the upcoming events that this organization had planned. 

“We meet every other week to share environmental education. We are excited for earth week, where HEEP will collaborate with other orgs that relate to the environment,” Chemlik said.

To get involved, HEEP holds bi-weekly meetings from 7:30-8:30 p.m. in Bush Memorial Library 131.

Some student resources even have a permanent meeting space. The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) provides menstrual and sexual health supplies, a safe space and their own office on the third floor of Anderson Center.

“We have a monthly conversation series with snacks. Later in the semester we also have an event fair with local female vendors,” Aspen Clarksean said, a second year legal studies student who works in the WRC. “Signing up for our newsletter and attending events is a great way to get involved.” 

To learn more about the WRC and to find the hours of operation, visit their Instagram page: @HUWomensResourceCenter.

For some students, the org fair is an important part of the semester. First-year students Shacheyanna Johnson, Elisa Lopez, Sarah Tadrick and Ella Swason were looking forward to seeing all the fair had to offer and the variety of organizations that they could join. 

“The way they had presented their organizations was enticing. I’m excited to get more involved and get free stuff,” Johnson said. 

When asked if the student org fair had any impact on their involvement at Hamline, all four students agreed: the org fair made them feel more likely to join the groups that were there. 

The student org fair isn’t just thrown together, however. Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD) is a student organization that is dedicated to organizing a variety of events for students across campus. 

Hayden Hayes and Destiny Yang, both seniors on SALD’s board, shared how this year’s fair looks different from past years. 

“I really feel like this year and this semester have definitely felt more ‘normal’ compared to last year when we got partially on campus. I feel like everyone is just showing up again,”  Yang said. 

The org fair was the second of the year after one in fall.

“I just want to meet as many people as I can, and these events help that,” Hayes said. 

To find out more on SALD, visit their instagram page: @hu_sald. 

And to find out more about all student organizations on campus, visit The Hamline University Presence website holds the key to all student organizations, events and other resources on campus.

College is never a walk in the park, but by joining a student organization, it can be easier to meet new people, explore your interests and find a new passion.