History and change at the 65th annual Grammy Awards

LaNiesha Bisek, Life Reporter

Justice Vue

Millions of viewers tuned in on Feb. 5 to watch the 65th annual Grammy Awards. From incredible performances to well deserved nominations, there were many groundbreaking moments throughout the award show. This article is recapping only a few of so many memorable moments.

One not only huge but also, a historical moment during this years’ Grammys was Beyoncé breaking the world record for a person who has won the most Grammy Awards. Beyoncé won this award for her most recent album, “Renaissance,” for best electronic or dance album. 

Winning this award put her at a career-total of 32 Grammys, making her the person with the most Grammy Awards of all time.

The ceremony also included a range of artists awarded, including Lizzo, Brandi Carlile, Kendrick Lamar and so many more artists expressing the importance of different social movements and social change. 

As stated by many artists, music is an important part of these processes. Music helps to send a message, to encourage people and hopefully bring unity and healing. So many artists express the goal of their art is to invoke thoughts and feelings surrounding issues similar to these. 

Another historical moment seen at this year’s Grammy Awards is Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ best duo win for their new hit song Unholy. As they took the stage to accept this award, Smith let Petras take the microphone for a moving acceptance speech. 

Petras later revealed that Smith did so because this win makes her the first transgender woman to win a Grammy Award. 

These are only a few of the many groundbreaking and memorable moments that occurred at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. 

If you would like to watch these moments, and the many others that were not mentioned, the easiest way to access it is through Paramount+ which offers a week-long free trial. This Grammy Awards show was truly unforgettable.