Working out the gym anxiety


Isaac Roy

Peer Wellness event volunteer addresses event participants about the arms and legs machienes in the gym on the second floor of Walker.

Isaac Roy, Sports Reporter

Peer Wellness event volunteer addresses event participants about the arms and legs machienes in the gym on the second floor of Walker. (Isaac Roy)

The gym is an overwhelming and intimidating place to be for many. Whether it’s fear of embarrassment or beginner’s anxiety, the gym can be fear-inducing. 

A small group of Hamline’s Peer Wellness educators decided to host an event last week to help future gym rats dip their feet in. 

“The goal of this event was to make the Hamline students, staff and faculty get more acquainted with the Lloyd W.D. Walker Fieldhouse and the facilities inside,” senior Peer Wellness Coordinator Essence Boe said. “People expressed not knowing what time sports teams were using the facilities and didn’t want to interrupt or feel intimidated during their own workouts.”

Many students and staff on campus are in the dark when it comes to the availability of the Walker Center Weight Room. Notable problems have been highlighted such as the weight room hours and when the athletic programs are scheduled for team lifts. Many were unaware that the weight room was open for public use again. 

   “I came just to know what was offered here, as a first year I was just curious to go and see,”  first-year Ana Sprague said. 

The event kicked off in the entryway where guests of the event were gifted water bottles along with yoga mats. 

   The following tour was extensive as it showed the locations of the locker rooms, racquetball courts, pool, fieldhouse, gymnastics center and, of course, the weight room. The eager tour group was excited to see a new area on campus and potentially find a new gym to call home. 

“In high school I played volleyball and softball so I have always been in the gym,” Emma Marsland said. “I heard about the event

Peer Wellness secured the gym so the participants and volunteers were able to be alone in the facillity while learning. (Isaac Roy )

and wanted to learn more about the inside of Walker.” 

   After the tour ended the remainder of the event turned into an open gym with the volunteers staying to assist the guests with any questions or concerns. 

This event included students and other university members, which surprised Boe. 

   “I was really happy to see such a good turn out knowing that a lot of people were going to be heading home,” Boe said. “A faculty member that joined us mentioned that there were other faculty members that were interested in the event and that made me surprised but also very happy to hear. Faculty members likely only have a bit of time to work out and it would be good for them to know what times and dates are good just like the students.” 

Boe was one of the many volunteers that helped put the event together and they believed the event was a success. 

“I think at our next meeting I will express how much I think this event should continue. It also allows us to connect more with athletes,” Boe said. 

   The event may not have had a massive turnout due to last week’s seemingly eternal snowfall. The volunteers plan to host it at least once a year in the future to continue to help members of the university pump iron without having to enter alone their first time.