Women’s tennis team travels South for spring break

Aiden Lewald, Sports Reporter

The sound of the busy Orlando suburbs, the heat of the sun beating on their skin and the Florida humidity was a treat Hamline’s Women’s and Men’s Tennis team was given over Spring Break. 

Two weeks prior, the Women’s Tennis team spent a week in the sunny city of Kissimmee, Florida. They played three matches, winning one and losing to a tiebreaker in the other two. 

First year Elizabeth Dimian describes this journey and the win as the highlight of the season. For a few of the Pipers, the wins in Florida were the first of their college career. A big win and a big motivator for the season. 

This season, there are six first year Pipers have joined the team. However, that has not stopped them from putting forth full effort and forming a team that aims to impress. 

“They’re learning to win, but they’re really learning about each other and really bonding,” Tennis Coach Spencer Jones said. “Our team culture is excellent. And these girls really support each other.” 

Jones had to spend his first four years here at Hamline building up the team from scratch. During his first year he had only inherited three girls, when you need six players to fill the team. 

“So it’s been a struggle, but hard work is paying off. My hard work and the players’ hard work,” Jones said. 

Keeping the players motivated throughout the season is not the easiest task around. With the highs and lows of wins and losses, the balance of academics and athletics and the uncertainty of mental and physical health it is common for college athletes to burn themselves out midway through their season. 

“A mix of the carrot and the stick, you know. Humor and intensity,” Jones said. “But mostly, they pick each other up because they want to win for themselves and each other.” 

However, these Pipers and their incredible bond is one of their biggest strengths. After spending their spring break in a hotel suite together, their connection has only grown stronger. 

“It’s really more about what they can do for each other than what I can do for them,” Jones said. 

Not only do these Pipers have an amazing off the court dynamic, they also have an extraordinary on the court bond. Junior Sydney Hubbard and first year Chrissa Muller are a clear example of one of Hamline’s best on the court dynamic. 

These two girls have been dominating the court all season long. Both Pipers play 5/6 singles and 2/3 doubles, being each other’s double partners.

“Chrissa and I were playing against Concordia Moorhead and we went into a tie-breaker and won,” Hubbard said. “I think that was one of the best matches we had played as a double team, we were one of the two wins in our team score that day.” 

Despite this game happening just a day after they returned from their exciting Florida trip, they did not let the post vacation exhaustion get in the way of their game. 

There are only bigger and better things for the 2023-2024 academic season. With a majority of the team only being in the first year, and hopeful high school seniors keeping their eyes on Hamline Tennis, the next four years ahead are filled with potential. 

“We’ve had a lot of recruits come in and spend days [with the team].Then we’d get lunch with them, and we’d play with them,” Dimian said. “We’ve liked a lot of them, and I’m looking forward to getting to know them next year and seeing where our team goes.”