Hamline leadership club takes the lead

Hamline University Leadership Club’s upcoming events and what the student organization stands for.

Lucy Severson, News Reporter

Students are given the opportunity to create their own clubs and unique initiatives at Hamline. There’s something for everyone, as brand new student organizations are in the works all the time. There’s a new club on the block this semester and it’s called Hamline University Leadership Club. 

“HULC stands for Hamline University Leadership Club,” Dr. Linnette Werner, the advisor of HULC, said in an email. “The big vision for HULC is that every student at Hamline recognizes and grows their innate leadership skills so they are able to lead the lives they are looking for and to make the world a better place in the long run. It’s also about growing a sense of wonder, laughing a lot and taking risks that help us to become stronger and happier overall.” 

HULC is a place where students can gather to work on their leadership skills and work together to make Hamline a better place by learning how to take the lead on campus, so they can take lead in the next chapter of their lives. 

Callista Pugh told the Oracle about why she co-founded the HULC. 

“I had never had a good environment to practice my leadership skills,” she said. “So that kind of got in my head and I had this notion that I could not be a leader.” 

Pugh helped found the HULC so students could have that positive environment and community with other students who have the same goal. Anybody is welcome to join the HULC, as there are no academic requirements. 

“I think there’s been some misconception about what the HULC is,” Pugh told the Oracle. “I’ve heard some people think HULC is like a super serious, academic organization, but that’s not at all who we are.” 

The HULC also puts a lot of emphasis on having fun and plans activities for the student body to partake in. Upcoming events include Kindness Week and the Piper Olympics. Kindness Week will take place from March 27 to 31. It will be a week filled with entertaining games and prizes. 

“Kindness Week is a week dedicated to small acts of kindness,” Ezri Farnum, the president of HULC, and one of the co-founders, said in an email. “Performing random acts of kindness has been scientifically supported to improve the receiver’s quality of life (Buchanan & Bardi, 2009) and the actor’s emotional well-being (Curry et al., 2018). This week of random acts of kindness–through fun activities, prizes, and words of well-wishes–will help work toward HULC’s goal of dismantling the stereotypes and prejudices of leadership.” 

HULC will be tabling in Anderson from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. all week for the following activities:

Monday: Plinko

Tuesday: Trivia

Wednesday: Cards (to take and to write!)

Thursday: Cup Pong

Friday: Fast Math Competition

HULC is also holding the Piper Olympics on March 29 at 6:30 p.m. in the Klas Center which will include team bonding games and prizes. 

 Any students interested in getting involved can email HULC@Hamline.edu or Farnum directly, Werner said.  

“HULC has monthly general member meetings to connect and talk about leadership ideas and leadership challenges people see in our community,” Werner said. “People can also email me– I am so happy to talk to anyone who wants to learn more about leadership or how to get involved on campus!”

Lucy Severson