HUSC approves compensation for student leaders

Chloe Kucera, Senior Reporter

Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress (HUSC) has passed a resolution to provide stipends for student leaders of campus organizations.

The resolution, passed in HUSC’s April 4 General Assembly, will allow for student leaders of organizations to be compensated for work that they do.

Those who qualify for this would be members of the executive board of any HUSC chartered organization.

Emily Hilderbrand, the 2022-23 HUSC External President, spearheaded this resolution to be passed. “HUSC has been piloting an application based stipend program for the past two years,” Hilderbrand told the Oracle in an email. “We have found this program to be very successful. Seeing the success of this stipend program made HUSC consider how we can further cement the stipend process.” In order for an organization to qualify, they must be HUSC chartered for at least one semester and cannot receive any other compensation.

Student leaders will not have to apply for the stipend. Instead it will be the duty of each organization’s treasurer to fill out a form about who is on their executive board.

The stipend will be $400 for each semester. Student leaders are allowed to receive up to two stipends, if they are involved in two or more organizations, for a total of $800.

HUSC and Hilderbrand acknowledge the work and time that leaders of campus orgs put in to keep their groups running.

“For many students, the duties of managing a student org extend beyond a volunteer capacity and come to resemble a part time job in many aspects,” Hilderbrand said. “With student orgs being so essential to campus, the amount of outstanding student org leaders we have here at Hamline and the rising cost of living, we felt a strong calling to remove barriers to receiving a stipend and to reward student leaders.”