Co-Coordinators named during spring ball

Two football coaches change their previous titles to split the responsibilities of the Defense Coordinator position for the 2022-23 fall football season.

Aiden Lewald, Sports Reporter

Two current Hamline Football coaches have been assigned a duet position for the upcoming season. 

Coach Seth Greenwald and Coach Matthew Wood have come together under the titles of Co-Defensive Coordinators. Greenwald has been at Hamline for six years working as a Special Teams Coordinator, while Wood has been here for the last four under the title Linebacker and Defensive Back Coach. 

“When you start out and you’re building your way up, you come up with ideas and you write things down,” Greenwald said. “All the things you’ve scrolled away for a few years, you’re able to put those into action.” 

Despite being put into this new co-position, these two had not always worked together as well as they do now. At the very beginning, they both were different individuals, with different thoughts and different coaching styles. 

However, after four years of working in the same office, they have become a dream team for Hamline Football. Both still have their very own styles, but the way their brains mesh creates a passion to succeed on the field. 

“The passion that [Wood] brings to the table makes it easy to work the long hours that we work,” Greenwald said. “Especially when you enjoy the company that you’re with, you know that something productive is going to come out of it.” 

Each coach is clearly fond of the other, and both are looking forward to the next year working alongside each other. Their various perspectives and plating styles are only bringing good energy to HU Football. 

“[Greenwald]’s lens is from a very detailed position, it’s straightforward,” Wood said. “That always kind of grounds me, in how I potentially approach things as a big idea person.” 

Coming from two different perspectives provides their players with a variety of ways to approach practices and games. Greenwald is described as the kind of coach who does not get in players faces, he instead is a motivator whispering in players ears on the sideline to help them up their game. 

“Just being able to have both coaches that have different coaching styles as well as philosophies is going to be kind of cool to see work together,” junior cornerback Caleb Lueders said. “They both come together greatly and are able to counter each other. They don’t work against each other, they work with each and it’s really admirable.” 

It seems that Hamline’s defensive players are looking forward to this switch, as they can only foresee this new perspective being a much needed change for Hamline Football. 

“I know change is always different, but change can be good too,” Lueders said. “Getting new ideas and a new look, it’s going to be interesting to see.” 

Although this change may be new to some of the players who have been at Hamline for several years, their hopes still remain high. With Wood and Greenwald’s united passion and dedication on the field, there may be a new era of Piper Football in the works. 

“I think it will bring out the best of all of us,” senior defensive lineman Evan Miller said. “With the two of them together, I think they have a great vision and they come up with great ideas in how we run the defense and what we do.”

This renewed passion is something each Piper needs. There is a new focus on brotherhood and leadership for this upcoming season. Having coaches who are passionate and ready will truly set in stone these ideals. Players need good role models on and off the field, and it seems that Wood and Greenwald will do just that. 

“[Greenwald and Wood] are ready to take on this job and ready to create a competitive MIAC defense,” Lueders said. “It’s going to be really fun to watch and be a part of the whole year. Players are going to play confidently and be able to play freely [on the field].”