Presidential search continues

What you need to know about how Hamline will choose its next university president.

Jackie Bussjaeger, Editor in Chief


For the past few months, a Presidential Search Committee composed of students, staff, faculty and members of the Board of Trustees has been conducting a nationwide search for the next President of Hamline University, following current President Linda Hanson’s departure in 2015.

According to an email sent to the Hamline community by Presidential Search Committee Chair Barbara Lupient, there are two critical factors in the selection process: to involve the Hamline community as much as possible, and to choose from the widest possible range of candidates.

To fulfill these goals, the committee announced its decision to hire Isaacson, Miller, a firm of search consultants, to assist in the task. According to their website, Isaacson, Miller has assisted in hundreds of leadership appointments; finding suitable candidates for universities, foundations, research institutes, social justice organizations and more, with many of their clients being not-for-profits. The firm prides itself on its commitment to the values of mission, diversity and craft of the search.

To promote community involvement, the committee organized multiple on-campus meetings with Isaacson, Miller in October. Students, faculty and staff were invited to attend and share their expectations and hopes for what qualities they would look for in a presidential candidate.This marks the first time in Hamline history that students, faculty and staff have been allowed such close involvement in the process.

According to the Hamline website, the committee met most recently on Nov. 11, and talked with representatives from Isaacson, Miller, who confirmed that there are already some potential candidates who have expressed interest in the position. Though at this time the search remains confidential, the committee is looking for a few additional members of the Hamline community to participate in on-campus interviews with the candidates in February.

The Presidential Search Committee will announce its final decision during spring 2015, and the transition between Presidents will take place during the remainder of the spring semester. To keep track of the search committee’s progress, visit