Student Congress election season begins

Student Congress election season begins

Jackie Bussjaeger, Editor in Chief

You don’t need to have a political science degree in your future to become a voting member in Hamline University’s Student Congress (HUSC). The spring election season is coming up quickly, so The Oracle contacted HUSC President Allissa Heim (‘15) and Political Affairs Committee Chair Sarah Huddleston (‘17) to find out what running for student congress is all about.

It works like this: students decide what office they want to run for (including president, vice president, and class representatives.) They will then run their campaign, using methods such as public posters to get the word out, before voting begins on March 3. The presidential and vice-presidential candidates will also participate in a debate.

“There is no right person to run for student congress,” Heim wrote in an email interview. “It is all about the person’s drive to make a difference and help their colleagues. The true quality a person should have is the passion to represent other students. Anyone can be involved!”

HUSC general assemblies are held during Convo Hour (11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.) every Tuesday in GLC 100E.