Ethereal Corner: The “Full Worm Moon”

Gabi Favazza, Mystic Columnist

What some call the “Full Worm Moon” passed towards the end of this past week, the third full moon of the year, the moon that signals spring. The name “Worm Moon” is attributed to Native American traditions, and it is believed that this name was born when worm trails were found in the thawing ground. There are many variations in moon names, as tribes from different regions experience different weather and climate changes; variations such as the crow moon and the crust moon each are named after the ways which nature foretells spring. Despite the fact that the weather could be better, the moon is beautiful and brings brilliant, exciting energy. Pay attention to the ways your body and soul react to this energy and take time to rejuvenate and honor yourself. Look out for the Full Pink Moon coming the first week of April!


Easy Pose

Sukhasana, or easy pose, is a favorite among many. This pose can be done without much yoga experience and is rewarding in relaxation and rejuvenation. You don’t have to be very flexible or very strong to sit in Sukhasana;, its challenges elsewhere. Conscious breathing, posture and patience reign over flexibility and strength, so give yourself at least five minutes to get centered and engage in this position.

Pick a relatively quiet place and lay a small pillow, yoga mat, folded blanket or towel on the floor in front of you.

Here you can do a yoga sequence to ease your body from standing to the floor, or simply take a seat on the blanket or mat.

Be aware of your breathing, begin breathing consciously as you stretch your legs out.

Fold one leg in, making sure there is space between your foot and pelvis or upper thigh. Fold the other leg so that your foot is touching the shin of your inner leg.

You should not feel a strain in your leg muscles at this point, make sure there is space between your bones and legs, forming a triangle.

Sit tall, pushing your pelvis into the earth while your head and neck are pulled upwards. Breathe.

Rest your hands together in prayer position  or palms up / palms down on your knees.

Rest in this position as long as you desire, breathe deeply and remember to re engage your neck and back to stay upright.

Thank yourself for taking the time to center your body and mind.