Rolling record store curbs music cravings


Kristina Stuntebeck

Eager crowd of music enthusiasts braves the rainy weather to purchase merchandise from the record truck.

Kristina Stuntebeck, Managing Editor

The bitter temperature and slush mix falling from the sky didn’t keep loyal and excited customers from forming a line in front of the Third Man Rolling Record truck that was parked outside of Electric Fetus on April 9. The mobile offshoot of Nashville’s Third Man Record store, originally founded by Jack White, made a stop in the Twin Cities during its first trip through the Midwest.

Electric Fetus was the 7th stop on a country-wide tour that will end in Memphis on April 26. Bob Ruchs, retail manager for Electric Fetus, said the truck was just “rolling through” on its way out to Fagella, a music festival in California.

“We just got a phone call out of the blue. They said ‘hey, we’ve heard of you and we’d like to stop at your store.’ So we said ‘uh, yeah,’” Ruch said. “837 people responded [on Facebook] to say they were going to show up and about 100 showed up.”

The unfavorable weather pushed the numerous Third Man Records patrons into Electric Fetus over the course of the day, making the arrangement beneficial both sales and public relations.

Patient fans had a variety of items to choose from in the truck, from drink cozies to frisbees to full-length vinyl records by artists such as The White Stripes and Jack White himself. Inventory menus were available so prospective buyers could browse while waiting and speed up the process of purchasing their heart’s desires.

One such fan was James Arnold, a student at the University of Minnesota.

“I went to their store in Nashville…over the summer. I saw they were coming here on Facebook and I wanted to stop by and maybe get some of the rare stuff,” Arnold said.

He specified the De Stijl split album as an advertised special for the first people in line, but expected them to be sold out by the time it was his turn to order.

“I love Jack White. I think it’s really cool he has a traveling van,” Jorgensen said. “I just wanted to buy all this stuff!”

Jorgensen’s newly purchased collection included vinyls, a mason jar, a water bottle and a t-shirt. In the background, Jorgensen’s friend burst into a fit of giggles while examining her new Bobby Jimmy and The Critters vinyl, which included songs “We Like Ugly Women” and “Gotta Potty.”

“It’s worth it. Even though it’s snowing and we waited for two hours, it was worth it,” Jorgensen said.

Ruchs said events like this help make the Twin Cities a vibrant community. Electric Fetus provides a non-judgemental space where people can come together and celebrate a shared interest.

“Customer service has been the key here over the years – connecting with people and the community on another level,” Ruchs said. “It’s fun to have community events. They’re always…unique and interesting.”

Ruchs said there will be a number of different events happening throughout the year—Record Store Day being the most recent—and encouraged interested parties to keep an eye out.

Third Man Rolling Record employees could not be reached for comment.