Gallery showcases faculty art


Ashani Trinh

The opening reception brought students and art lovers to Soeffker Gallery.

Adam Whitt, Reporter

When we think art, we immediately think of drawings, paintings and sculptures; the classic art forms. New, contemporary and digital works are often overlooked as just being day-to-day easy things. The reality is that this isn’t the case.

Hamline University held an art showcase displaying the hard work from many talented Digital Media Arts professors as well as Studio Art professors here at Hamline.

Projects included photography series, interactive exhibits and mechanized sculptures.

Head of the DMA department, David Ryan, showcased his interactive exhibit, “Shhh”, that focuses on sound.

The piece has a microphone attached to a screen showing an image of a mouth. The microphone then picks up noise and the screen quickly fluctuates images depending on the amount of sound coming in.

With such a large crowd, the ambient noise caused the piece to constantly change images of the mouth which provided an incredible look at the exhibit itself.

Assistant Professor, Josh Gumiela, displayed a piece titled, “Refugee.” The piece featured a large glass box with a motorized metal finger on top. The single finger, which stuck out of a white box, tapped on the board below it causing saw dust to ever so slowly fall into the clear glass box below.

“4 a.m. series” is a set of five large photos taken at the break of dawn. Adjunct professor Steven Stenzel’s photography pieces featured beautiful scenes of rivers and bridges in the Minneapolis area. Each piece is unique, but connected through the beautiful early-morning sky and incredible detail.

The pieces shown at this Art Showcase help show students and the community alike how talented Hamline’s DMA and Art professors are. While students are given a first hand look at their teaching, they often don’t take the time to acknowledge art in its truest forms.