‘Hey, we really exist!’

College Democrats watch debate and advocate their presence.


Jasmine Lee

College Democrats host a debate viewing party in the Sorin game room.

Chris Schaitberger, Reporter

The director of the College Democrats, Chad Hermes, coordinated a viewing party for the third and final presidential debate. Hermes, senior, got the group together with snacks and beverages at the Sorin game lounge on Wednesday, Oct. 19. Although the College Democrats is a left oriented group, everybody was welcomed to attend.

“I like listening to the debates when you get a wide range of opinions and discussion, you don’t always get that with just the Democrats.” Hermes said.

The event brought fifteen different people eager to watch the debate, laugh a little, and talk about the election. Hermes has been working with the Democratic Farmer Labor Party and has been part of the College Democrats for the last three years. He is a political science major and is quite dedicated to politics.

For Hermes, the debate viewing party was also a way for him to advocate for future College Democrats events and convey the importance of the non-presidential political races going on right now in Minnesota.

“Its nice to talk to Democratic leaning students about possible events they might be interested in as well as opportunities to volunteer. Getting this many Democrats in one room really lets us say; ‘Hey we’re here! We really exist, come help out.’”

Hermes is hoping to, by the end of his time here at Hamline, make an established organization that will continue to host events even on non-election years.