Vaughn down to jam

Cody Vaughn, Hamline student and rapper, waits in anticipation to see if he’ll be chosen to play in the upcoming Winter Wonder Jam.

Madelaine Formica, Reporter

For the past three years, senior Cody Vaughn has been cultivating his rapping career at Hamline. Performing at nearly 50 gigs, including one in London in July of 2016, Vaughn is setting his sights on Winter Wonder Jam.

“I want those who know me and want to be involved in my music to be able to come and see me in our own backyard,” Vaughn said.

Winter Wonder Jam is an annual concert in Anderson, and this year it will be held on Feb. 18, consisting of two to three different musicians. According to Winter Wonder Jam committee member and Station Manager for Hamline Radio junior Tom Eichlersmith, Vaughn is on the list to be considered as one of the performers at Winter Wonder Jam, along with 10 others. Eichlersmith and the other committee members listen to each artist’s music that is on the list and decisions will be made by the end of November.

When asked about Vaughn, Eichlersmith stated that Vaughn contacted him right from the beginning.

“I was really excited to hear from him because I really like the idea of Winter Wonder Jam to have a connection with the Hamline community,” Eichlersmith said.

The Winter Wonder Jam committee that organizes the event consists of around 15 Hamline students. Six students are from the organizations that donated: The Oracle, Programming Board and HUSC. The other students on the committee are volunteers who have worked at Winter Wonder Jam in the past.

“We’re trying to make a decision [about the performers] that would make a fun and exciting Winter Wonder Jam for everyone,” Eichlersmith said.

Vaughn has an EP “Dualism” on Instagram and Sound Cloud, which was also featured on Piper Vision.

“Every rap [I write] is an accumulation of my life experiences specifically at that point in time. It’s like a time log. The first thing people say when they listen to my music is you have a lot of energy and passion.”

For the past three years, Vaughn has had about two gigs a month. As his own manager and starting with only the sound booth in the basement of Bush, he marketed his original rap music to the public and to local venues.

“I make my own sets, I make my own music, I write my own lyrics. Everything that I’ve been doing so far, except for my team giving their support, I’ve mostly been doing it myself,” he said.

Vaughn was very hopeful and passionate about the opportunity to be in Winter Wonder Jam. He has been canvassing campus trying to let the student body know that he’s out there and for them to email Eichlersmith to show their support.

When asked what he thought Winter Wonder Jam would do for his career, Vaughn talked about Outlaw. Outlaw is a rap group founded in 2015 of different local Hamline artists of which Vaughn is the CEO . In the future he wishes to start a record label in that name.

“Getting into Winter Wonder Jam at Hamline would be the first step to solidifying myself as a real independent local artist,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn was thankful to be at Hamline and for its students. He marveled at other students’ talent and wished he could help them follow their passions.

“I think getting a student from Hamline to do Winter Wonder Jam, if I could do it, and be the first one, I feel like it would open doors for so many other people. I just want to show all the local talent we have here,” he said.

Nov. 20, Vaughn will be performing at the Pourhouse for all those who wish to experience his music. The performers for Winter Wonder Jam will be announced at the end of November.