Airing a new smell

Subtle changes are being made to the laundry rooms for the better.


Madelaine Formica, Reporter

As of last month, washing machines across campus are being wiped down, saving all of our noses and clothes.

After speaking with CSC ServiceWorks, who oversees the maintenance of the laundry machines, to discuss the laundry services, Residential Life found ways to prevent the laundry rooms from smelling and to keep the buildup of mildew down.

Once a month RAs put a cleaning powder into the washing machines, put the cycle on high, then after the cycle is done they wipe down the machines.

RAs will be in charge of cleaning washing machines each month until the duty is taken over by Hamline facilities. No dates have been decided upon for when the job will be integrated into facility’s duties.   

“I notice a difference in the smell,” junior Asmeret Segai, the RA for Manor Hall.said. “The odor would leak into the clothes, the machines would smell, the whole [laundry] room would smell, so then you were hesitant to use the machines.”

During the winter break, Director of Residential Life Javier Gutierrez and Residential Life staff cleaned the machines.

“There was quite a bit [of mildew],” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez recounted how he cleaned the rubber liners along the edge of the washing machine and found a buildup of hair and plastic from the detergent PODS along with a line of mildew. He explained how most of the buildup was hair and that the mildew was minimum, but he had to scrub harder to get the mildew off.

“As someone who is sensitive to mildew,” said sophomore Avery Marshall, “I like that they’re being open and transparent.”

To prevent mildew, Residential Life asks for students to keep washing machine doors open to allow water to dry and not pool up as much on the bottom of the machine.

“I haven’t noticed anything different [in the smell],” first-year Ashlee Blastervold said. “It’s nice though to have the washing machine doors open so they can dry.”

Many students described the difference in smell in the laundry room to be subtle. That they didn’t truly notice it, but that they could tell there was a change.

“I  haven’t noticed the changes, but I think that’s good because it makes it a smooth transition,” Marshall said. She also became very excited about the laundry systems and the CSC app that is now available.

The CSC app allows students to send maintenance requests if there are any problems with any of the laundry machines instead of going onto the CSC website and filling out a work order. It is now available for download on iTunes and Google Play.

“It’s really easy to use and more efficient,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez explained that Residential Life is looking into new machines for the end of this academic year. Hamline might have better smells in the future as Residential Life takes an active approach in maintaining the laundry machines.