March for science

Thousands of Minnesotan’s came together Saturday to march for something they hold dear: science.

Adam Whitt, A&E Editor

Adam Whitt, A&E Editor

Beginning around 10:00 a.m., crowds began gathering at the Cathedral of St. Paul. While the crowds started out sparse, it wasn’t long until a dense mass of people filled up the area. People of all genders, races and ages gathered together to march for a cause they believed in, the protection of science.

At 11:00 a.m., the march down John Ireland Blvd. began. The streets were filled with chanting, sciences and supporters.

Among the march was first-year Cassia Egan-Lawless.

“Overall, I thought the march and the experience was amazing,” Egan-Lawless said. “I was very happy to see so many people out supporting science and voicing their concerns but also solutions; to join and support organizations that give hard evidence and real facts (not alternative facts).”