Wonder Woman Patti Klein

Patti Klein talks about her new role at Hamline and her goals.

After thirteen and a half years working for Hamline University, Patti Klein has worn many different hats. Whether she was Director of Residential Life, or both Director of Residential Life and Assistant Dean, or the Title IX Coordinator, she has had a lot on her plate. This year, Klein will be dealing with new challenges as the Title IX Coordinator and the new Dean of Students.

When asked how she was going to balance being both the Title IX Coordinator and the Dean of Students, Klein was confident that she would be able to balance both with the support of Hamline staff around her.  

“It makes a lot of sense for Hamline,” Klein said. “I think a lot of people on campus know me and hopefully know the work that I’ve been doing; that changing that right now might create more barriers than we would want to see, and [being Title IX coordinator] is important to me.”

Klein is looking forward to the challenges ahead and the opportunity to work with students and staff alike. Many of her goals involve reaching out to students and letting them know what is available to them.

“One [goal] is to really help students understand that the dean’s office is really a support place and a resource for them,” Klein said.  

Looking back at the Listening Circles from last year, Klein saw that a number of students didn’t know where to go for resources.

“[We want] to really help students understand that we are that place for multiple of pieces of the campus, and when we aren’t the right place, our goal isn’t to send people elsewhere, it really is to partner and help that student know where that resource is and to check back with them to make sure they got the resource they need.”

After many Student Affairs’ staff members left because of retirement or for advanced roles elsewhere, Klein also wants to make sure that the Hamline staff is sound and that everyone is trained and up to speed.

“Another goal is to get the structure of student affairs solidified,” Klein said.

Klein also believes that this applies to her as well, that everyone on campus should know who she is, and that she is utilized appropriately across campus.

She also hopes that all students know who works in Student Affairs, and how each office can help support students and allow them to be productive on and off campus. Some of these offices include the Career Development Center, Counseling and Health Services, Disabilities Resources and Residential Life.

When speaking about what she may wish to change during her time as Dean, Klein had hope and inspiration for the future.

“[I hope] we can continue to make opportunities for our community to gather and to truly talk about our concerns,” Klein said. “We need to address concerns and to also celebrate the amazing wonderful things that happen here as well.”

Harkening back to recent tragedies that have happened nationally throughout the year, Klein was happy to see all the fresh faces at the beginning of the school year as she made her way through school events.

“We shouldn’t forget the past, but I really do hope that we can start anew if you will,” Klein said. “That the energy, the passion for Hamline and this community continues.”