Wild Card Wager

The women’s soccer team strives to make their presence known.

Rebecca Higgins, Senior Reporter

Hamline Women’s soccer team asserts aggression. On October 14, the Pipers came in hot with a home field advantage and homecoming fans cheering them on.

“Playing at home is always great and homecoming makes it even better,” senior, defense and midfielder Marisa Smet said. “[With] more fans at the game, it makes you want to play your best and win for all the people that came to watch.”

The Pipers started the match by ruthlessly attacking St. Mary’s goal. After a blocked corner kick by senior, midfielder Brittany Beckman, sophomore, forward Kaley Roberts stepped up her game. With an assist by Beckman and junior, forward Arendje Louter, Roberts used her head literally to score the first point at the 2:22 time mark.

“Our technical work has been emphasized throughout the season. It is easier to execute our tactical goals and game plans,” Beckman said. “We have become more successful at building out of the back and creating dangerous scoring opportunities in the attacking third.”

A foul against Hamline resulted in a penalty kick and ultimately a goal for St. Mary’s. With the score at 1-1 and five shots at St. Mary’s goal, a wide shot sent by senior, forward Anna Futterer made it in the net.

“Our greatest strengths are our work ethic and resilience,” Smet said. “We are very good at not giving up when we go down for a goal.”

About four minutes after Futterer’s goal, Roberts was back for more scoring the third point for Hamline. After twenty minutes of back and forth along with some fouls, St. Mary scored another goal making the score 3-2 in favor of the Pipers.

With their one point lead, Hamline’s aggression did not end as they made their way to the second period. In the second half, the Pipers received ten fouls and a yellow card was thrown on sophomore, defender Ali Eastman. St. Mary’s received six fouls and a red card was thrown on one of their coaches.

“We are a very competitive team and we don’t take losing lightly,” Smet said. “We push each other in everything that we do and that a makes our team strong.”

With each team battling for a win, Futterer assisted first-year, forward Ashley Olson in a header goal. A Piper lead of 4-2 and refusing to let St. Mary’s get any traction, Hamline Women’s soccer team was victorious.

Hamline Women’s soccer team still holds sixth place in the twelve place MIAC league. With their fate uncertain, they remain a wild card.

“Being looked at as a wild card has it advantages and disadvantages,” Beckman said. “We can only take care of what we can control: our effort, our attitude and our growth in adversity. When all of those are positive, the soccer will take care of itself.”

The Pipers return to Paterson Field Wednesday, October 18 at 3:30 p.m. against St. Scholastica.