MIAC round-up: Nov. 26 to Dec. 2

Rebecca Higgins, Senior Reporter

Men’s Basketball

@ St. Thomas W 69-61

Hamline and St. Thomas battled for baskets. After a good layup and a shot in the paint, the Pipers set a precedent for their aggressiveness for the rest of the game. The Tommies did not let the Piper’s aggression scare them and quickly tied the game. Each team fought for any advantage over the other team. Within seconds of a Tommie three pointer, Hamline responded with one. This continued on for the rest of the first half with a tied game of 31-31 until the Pipers shot ruthlessly, gaining an advantage of six points. The Tommies refused to surrender, attempting to tie up the game. But ultimately the Pipers were victorious with 69-61 game. The Piper’s return Dec. 6 to face off against Augsburg on the Auggies’ homecourt.


Men’s Swim and Dive,

@ Invite at St. Thomas

Senior Hodd Gorman and first-year Andrew Hobar brought pride to the Hamline Pipers on Dec. 1 in an unscored meet with the University of St. Thomas. During the meet Gorman won the 500 Free with a time of (4:48:58). First-year Nicholas Grivna came in fifth place for the 500 Free at (4:57:74).

Hobar was able to take fourth place in the 200 Breaststroke at (2:15:58) and fifth place in the 100 Breaststroke. Overall, the Pipers came in fourth place at the 200 Free Relay and the fifth for the 800 Free Relay.

The Hamline Pipers will return to the pool in Maui, Hawaii on Jan. 8 of next year while they compete in Neveda-Reno/Colby-Sawyer.


Women’s Basketball

@ St. Thomas L 76-56

The Pipers were ready to attack in their game against St. Thomas. Within the first several seconds the Pipers scored two points with a good layup. The Tommies were not shy showing off their skills and responded with two good layups. After Hamline tied the game, the Tommies upped their determination and quickly led the game by ten points. The Pipers put a dent in the Tommies advantage, scoring four more points but the Tommies did not scare and the first quarter ended with a 9-19 to the Tommies. This back and forth persisted through the third quarter with the Tommies securing their 20 point lead with a score of 62-42. The Pipers fought to the end, scoring two baskets within the last minute of the game. St. Thomas still held onto their 20 point lead and ending the game with a score of 76-56. The Pipers battle against St. Olaf on Dec. 6 in Northfield, Minn.   

Women’s Hockey

vs. St. Kate’s W 3-0

vs. St. Kate’s W 4-0

The Pipers are a force to be reckoned with. They started their first game of the weekend against St. Kate’s fiercely attacking their net, sending shots from Zone D, Zone B, Zone C, and Zone E. Finally these attempts were fruitful for the Pipers as they scored the first score of the game. After a series of back and forth, the first period ended with the Pipers leading 1-0. St. Kate’s increased their energy in the second period and took one of the Pipers’ play book by ruthlessly attacking the Pipers’ net. While all the St. Kate’s shots were blocked, the Pipers secured the lead with another goal. St. Kate’s and Hamline continued their fight, when the Pipers scored the final goal for the game. Ending their first game with a 3-0 Piper win.

The Pipers laced up their skates the following day for another game against St. Kate’s. The Bobcats determination was high to not let the Pipers win again. They ruthlessly attacked Hamline’s next but were met with fierce defense. The Piper’s found their energy on the offensive side and scored, making the game 1-0. Hamline’s energy did not waver from the rest of the game. They scored three times within the second period, leading 4-0. While both teams did their best to have the score lend more in their favor, the game ended with 4-0 in favor of the Pipers. The Pipers return to their home rink, Oscar Johnson Arena on Dec. 5 against University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Women’s Swim and Dive

@ Invite at St. Thomas, 6th Place

Junior Taylor Martinek stole the show at the Invite at St. Thomas. Martinek showed up for her main event, backstroke. She was just strides behind the front swimmer in the Women’s 100 Yard Backstroke. She finished in second place less than a second behind the first place finisher. She was also the front Hamline finisher for the 100 Yard Freestyle, coming in seventh place. Martinek also assisted her team in the 400 Yard Freestyle Relay, along with junior Mara Boulanger, junior Taylor Hanson and sophomore Bryce White. The four teammates claimed sixth place less than a second behind the fifth place finisher. The Pipers return Jan. 8 against Nevada-Reno/Colby-Sawyer in Maui, Hawaii.