Hamline hockey’s new home

The opening of TRIA Rink has been big for hockey at Hamline.

Levi Jones, Reporter

Ever since Hamline’s hockey teams left The Colosseum in the state fairgrounds they have been looking for a facility to call home. For some time this meant playing in the Oscar Johnson Arena. And while it did have a rink, it didn’t have much else. Between the lack of showers, No running water, and not having the first say in scheduling Hamile was desperate for a new home.

This new home has been found in TRIA Rink. Through a partnership with the Minnesota Wild, Hamline has been able to play on a state of the art rink with a fifth floor view over the city of Saint Paul.

Men’s Hockey Head Coach Cory Laylin has “Skated on a lot of rinks across the country” and says that “This is best ice I’ve ever skated on. The ice is just right, the boards have the right bounce and the seating is done right.”

Laylin, also found other parts of the facility as upgrades, Including prime Ice hours, indoor plumbing, and showers for the players.

While the Facility has been built and games are already being played on the ice there is much still to be done. Walking through the halls one of the most noticeable things is how bare the walls are, with only a couple adds and stickers on the walls there is a lot of room for decoration. Much of the halls leading to the rink will be dedicated to Hamline hockey and the walls across the rink from the seating will be plastered with even more Hamline art.

While there are many things great about the facility some complaints have been raised about getting there. As it is located downtown fans are required to find their own transportation to the rink. Hamline Senior Abbie Annen had some trouble finding the place on her first visit, “I drove around downtown for like twenty minutes and I still couldn’t find it.”

As well, because many students have had to drive parking has come at a cost. While there is a parking ramp in the facility itself there is an eight dollar charge for parking. This cost has turned some away from the games “It cost me eight dollars to get it I don’t want to pay that everytime I come here, I don’t actually think I’ll be coming back.” Said Jess Marken, a first year Hamline hockey fan.

Head coach Laylin has said that it shouldn’t be that much of a problem. “You can carpool, take an uber, or even the light rail stops a few blocks away.” These are all options for fans looking to visit the games played in the rink.

The light rail can be boarded at the intersection of Snelling and University and goes to Central station located within walking distance of the facility. Not only will the facility house the fifth floor rink, but, in the lower levels there is already a walgreens and it is planned to be a Tim Hortons, a Taphouse, as well as other stores.

Overall the response for this new rink is highly positive. Both Annen and Marken agreed that it is a really nice facility and the team has loved playing there.