MIAC weekly roundup

Levi Jones, Reporter

Men’s Basketball @ Concordia 82-71 W


On Wednesday, Feb. 14, Hamline Men’s Basketball took on the Concordia Cobbers. The Pipers came out swinging and established an early lead, which they maintained throughout the first half. This lead was in part thanks to Hamline junior Isaac Brooks, putting up 13 points by halftime. At the end of the first period Hamline held a 42-37 lead over the Cobbers. The second half saw much of the same performance from Hamline as they increased to a 10 point lead with only 15 minutes remaining. In the end Hamline won 82-71, with the team’s highest scorer being senior Zach Smith, with a total of 25 points. This put Hamline at 8-11 within the division and 12-12 overall. This was the team’s second-to-last game of the season, the final being on Sat. Feb. 17 at St. Mary’s.


Women’s Basketball @ Concordia 45-49 L


While this season hasn’t been great for the Hamline Women’s Basketball team, the second-to-last game provided hope for relief as the team took on the Concordia Cobbers. Unfortunately for the Pipers, this hope was short-lived, as the Cobbers took the lead in the first quarter and continued to hold it until halftime. At halftime, the Pipers were at a five point deficit with a score of 23-28 in favor of the Cobbers. In the third quarter the Cobbers were able to grow their lead further. By the end of the third quarter, the difference increased to 34-44, with the Cobbers being ahead. Things seemed to turn around in the final period, as a strong push by the Pipers closed the gap to only four points, putting the score at 45-49 in favor of the Cobbers. After this effort the Pipers were unable to make the comeback they needed, and by the end of the game fell to Concordia 49-66. This set the team to a record of 3-14 in the conference, and more importantly 4-20 overall heading into their final game on Feb. 17.


Women’s Hockey vs. St. Thomas  3-3 T


Women’s Hockey at Hamline has had a fantastic year so far. Going into this game they were first in the conference with 27 points and were looking to secure the top round seed for the MIAC playoffs. To do this they needed to beat St.Thomas which is currently second in the league with 26 points. In the first period of the game both teams played rather defensively, not allowing any points on either side. By the end of the period, St.Thomas had 11 shots on goal to Hamline’s 5. The crowd grew going into the second period and the teams began scoring. St. Thomas was the first to score at the five minute mark. Hamline first-year Jordan Hansen responded with an unassisted point at seven minutes exactly. Yet the celebration was short lived as St.Thomas scored only 14 seconds later. Hansen would score with assists by first-year Bre Simon and sophomore Zoey Lobejko during a power play that period making the score 2-2. By the end of the period St.Thomas had 22 shots to Hamline’s 12. The third period was tense as both teams tried their hardest to take the first seed spot in the division. Just 10 minutes into the 20 minute period St.Thomas scored putting them up 2-3. Yet at 13 minutes Hamline senior Darby Dodds scored bringing the game to a tie and sending it into overtime. The five-minute overtime felt longer than any of the preceding periods and coming out of it the game ended in a tie with no shootout. This means that the game on Feb. 17 would decide who took the first seed spot.


Men’s Basketball @ St. Mary’s  98-72 W


The final game of the regular season for Men’s Basketball took place on Feb. 17. While the team has already been eliminated from playoff contention, this game was still important. Going in, the men’s team had a record of 12-12 overall and were looking to end the season with above a .500 for the second year in a row. To do this Hamline needed to beat the team from St. Mary’s who were 1-23 overall going into the game. The Pipers were able to build an early lead ending the first half with a score of 42-31 in favor of the team from Hamline. The second half solidified the Pipers lead as they tacked on another 56 points ending the game 98-72. And so at the end of their season the basketball team finished with a score of 9-11 in the division and 13-12 overall.


Men’s Hockey @ St. Thomas Feb. 16  3-4 L


On Feb. 16 The Hamline Piper Men’s Hockey team went to St. Thomas to play their second to last game of the regular season. In the first of their two game series St. Thomas was able to score the first goal 16 minutes into the first period. It wouldn’t be until the second period when Hamline senior Brandon Reinholz would score only one minute in. About 10 minutes in the Tommies scored again ending the second period 1-2 in favor of St. Thomas. The third period started rough for the Pipers as just 34 seconds in putting the score at 1-3 with St. Thomas holding the lead. Hamline first-year Mitch Bentfield scored at 6:26 into the game closing the gap to 2-3. With just 56 seconds left in the game Hamline senior Jaycob Maycombs scored tying the game with less than a minute to go. Unfortunately with only nine seconds left before the game would go into overtime The Tommies scored again ending the game 3-4 and putting Hamline at a record of 9-13-2 overall.


Men’s Tennis @ Wis-Eau Claire 7-2 L


As the Hamline Men’s Tennis team went into their second game of the season they were coming off of a win against WI-Superior the previous week. On Fri. Feb. 16 Hamline faced another team from Wisconsin taking on WI-Eau Claire. This game however did not go as well for the team. In the six singles games played Hamline was only able to win one when Hamline sophomore Jake Trondson won 6-0, and 6-3 in his games. With the other five games going to WI-Eau Claire there was no way Hamline would be able to come out on top. This did not stop Trondson and his teammate, Hamline senior Matt Seracki, from winning their doubles game. In the end WI-Eau Claire was able to win with a score of seven games to Hamline’s two.