MIAC round up: March 4 to March 10

Levi Jones, Sports Editor

Softball @ Wis-Superior 4-0 W

In the first of two Hamline Softball games against Wis-Superior the Pipers were able to keep control throughout the game. Hamline senior Abbie Annen was the first to score in the bottom of the second, followed First-year Angela Wollmuth who scored off of an RBI in the bottom of the third. By the time the fifth inning rolled around Hamline was up 2-0 but they were not done. In the fifth period Hamline’s Pitcher, sophomore Kira Krueger, was able to tack on another point putting Hamline at a comfortable 3-0 lead. During the bottom of the sixth, sophomore Ellie Silversmith got a run off of an RBI From junior Delaney Kohler. The game ended as a win for Hamline with a score of 4-0 and putting Hamline to a season record of 3-0 before heading into their second game of the night.


Softball @ Wis-Superior 9-0 W

After beating Wis-Superior 4-0 in their first game, Hamline Softball took them on again in their second game of the night. In this game the Pipers were able to shut out Wis-Superior in a stunning 9-0 game. The first score came in the top of the third with sophomore Becca Liebelt,  followed shortly by two more runs in the inning from first-year Angela Wollmuth and junior Delaney Kohler. Hamline was up 3-0 by the end of the third and, while the fourth inning passed without any score the Pipers came back swinging in the top of the fifth. A whopping six points were scored by Hamline in the fifth inning. Yet again, Liebet was the first to score but she was followed by Wollmuth’s second score. After this it was sophomore Kayla Kraska’s turn. After Kraska came sophomore Blair Tommelein who was then followed by sophomore Ramsey Hare and first-year Megan Rubbleke. After this eventful inning there was no score which ended the game 9-0 and put Hamline up to 4-0 in the season.


Baseball @ UW-Stout 6-2 L

Mar. 7 was an eventful day for Hamline baseball as they took on UW-Stout in back to back games as their season opener. The doubleheader games started rough as UW-Stout was able to score in the bottom of the first and prevented any runs by the Pipers until the top of the fifth when both senior Jeremy Szura and senior Hunter Messerschmidt scored. Unfortunately, by this time UW-Stout had already scored three more making it a 4-2 game at the bottom of the fifth. Before the game was over UW-Stout would churn out another two runs ending the game 6-2.


Baseball @ UW-Stout 9-2 W

In the second of the doubleheader games of Hamline’s opener things went quite well for the Pipers. After having just lost against the same team 6-2 the team was looking to come out of it with a split. This was made possible as junior Nolan Schoonveld was the first to touch home plate in the bottom of the first, Schoonveld was followed by senior Nick Kukurich again in the first. After these two came senior Jeremy Szura and sophomore Cyle Hartwig, Kukurich again and sophomore Devin Rodgers. This put Hamline ahead with a score of 7-0 before the third inning. The fifth Inning saw Szura score again and in the bottom of the sixth first-year Cullen Buck scored Hamline’s final point making the score 9-0 going into the final inning. In the top of the seventh, UW-Stout was able to score two runs but not nearly enough to come close to Hamline’s score.


Baseball @ MSOE 6-2 W

Despite being a double header the late night games between Hamline and the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) were played on two different days. In the first game, played at 11:30, MSOE was able to touch home first in the bottom of the first. It was not until the top of the third that Hamline would score. Sophomore Devin Rodgers brought in Hamline’s first point followed by senior Nick Kukurich and first-year Cullen Buck. In the fourth inning Hamline saw scoring from senior Jeremy Szura, senior Hunter Messerschmidt, and junior Nolan Schoonveld. MSOE would score once more before the game ended yet Hamline was able to win in the end 6-2.


Baseball @ MSOE 9-5 L

The second of the late night double header games between Hamline and the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) saw MSOE take a large and early lead. Hamline would not score in the game until the seventh inning, and by the time they reached that MSOE already held a 9-0 lead leaving the Pipers with a near impossible task. Yet the team was up to the challenge seeing successful runs from junior Trey Fails, junior Nolan Schoonveld, senior Nick Kukurich, first-year Cullen Buck and senior Mitch Benson. The game ended 9-5 with Hamline having their second split in a row and having a season record of 2-2


Lacrosse @ Loras 16-4 W

In the second game of their season Hamline’s Lacrosse team took on the Loras Duhawks. While Loras was able to score first Hamline struck back hard scoring nine times before the end of the first half. At halftime the Pipers held a healthy 9-2 lead and were hoping to finish the game just as strong as they had started it. The second half saw the team achieve this goal as they only allowed another two points, which alone would have been enough to win. Yet Hamline was also able to pull off another seven goals winning the game 16-4 and advancing to a season record of 2-1.


W Hockey @ Eau-Claire 3-2 W

After winning the MIAC championship game at Gustavus Adolphus Hamline returned to play in the NCAA quarterfinals. This time they took on Eau Claire who had defeated Gustavus Adolphus the night before. Energy was high as the stands were filled with Piper fans brought by a school provided fan bus and the team did not disappoint. Hamline senior Darby Dodds was able to score twice in the first period with no response from Eau Claire. The second period saw first-year Madison Gaffney expand the Hamline lead to 3-0 early on. Despite their lead there was still a lot of time on the clock and Eau Claire had not given up on their dreams. Before the end of the second period Eau-Claire would score on a power play closing the gap to 3-1 by the end of the second period. Twelve minutes into the third period Eau-Claire scored again. For the last five minutes the standing crowd was on the edges of their seats. With two minutes to go Eau Claire pulled their goalie and tried to tie the game before the final buzzer. The Pipers were able to hold them off and won 3-2 advancing to the NCAA Frozen Four, where they are set to take on Norwich University on Friday Mar. 16.