Making their mark

Hamline Lacrosse may be new, but it is very strong.

Levi Jones, Sports Editor

There is one thing Hamline Lacrosse does not want to talk about. Of all their achievements one stands out due to its impressive nature, yet you will not hear anyone on the team talking about it. In the three years Hamline has had a Lacrosse team they have never lost a game at home. Currently the team sits at an 18-0 record at home.

But it is not the only way the Lacrosse team is undefeated this season. The team is still undefeated in conference this year. With a record of 4-0 in conference and 8-4 out of conference the team is doing quite well this season. Head Coach Karen Heggernes says that this is a product of “establishing a culture for the team of working hard, putting in effort, and staying focused.”

The team has seen their fair share of adversity this season, with postponed games, tough competition and still being a new program. These adversities haven’t slowed them though as Hamline continues to grow their reputation across the country.

“The first year we had to introduce ourselves but after success the players are receiving recognition on campus and from other teams,” said Heggernes. This recognition shows as the team has had the opportunity to play against teams from around the country including Colorado, Texas and Illinois.

Despite the distance between many of their opponents, one of their greatest is fellow MIAC school Augsburg who Hamline has a “friendly rivalry” with, according to Heggernes. In their game against Augsburg on Friday, Apr. 12 Hamline triumphed with a score of 14-11.

Despite the fantastic records held by the team, Heggernes insists that the team stay focused on the next game. “We have to take it one game at a time.”

With four more conference games this season the team is far from over, yet with the hopes of warmer weather come the hopes of more success, and more fans.

With the team being newer it is understandable that there are less viewers at the games, yet Heggernes believes that if people came they would really enjoy the sport due to its fast paced nature. With free admission and sheets to help any observer become informed, fans have plenty of reasons to come.

The fast pace of the game is due in part to this year’s inclusion of a possession clock. The possession clock makes it so that a team has only 90 seconds to make a shot on their opponent’s goal. It stops teams from standing around with the ball for five minutes trying to eat up the time on the clock. Alongside the clock a few other rules have been implemented this year. Including adapting to the sports standard of movement after the whistle. While in most sports players could move after a referee blew a whistle, in lacrosse the players had to stop where they were and could not move.

The team has had a great history and is planning on having a great future as they gain fans, players and recognition. The team is set to play at home again twice more in late April, if the weather will allow.