Burger chain serves up a new location

The Minneapolis native My Burger continues to expand into St. Paul.


Chloe McElmury

MyBurger signage brightly greets passerbys on Snelling and Grand Avenue.

Molly Landaeta, Reporter

Just eight minutes south on Snelling you will find that the chain restaurant My Burger has now moved into St. Paul. Given how trendy the atmosphere and fast the service is, it is looking like it is here to stay.

My Burger has three different Minneapolis restaurants, a Richfield location and their food truck “BERT” (Burger Emergency Response Team) that can be booked for events. The St. Paul My Burger is located across the Macalester campus surrounded by other  shops. The area is very welcoming and fun to walk around. If you decide to drive, there is very limited parking behind the building and on the street. If not, the A-line will drop you a short walk across the street from the shop.

The decor in My Burger is bright, colorful and inviting. The atmosphere matches that of the decor, first-year Hannah Pickering said “[The restaurant is] a modern twist on 50s dining,” .

For $6.75 you can get the “Original My Burger” with a side of fries, and they offer meal-sized salads for the same price. They also serve burgers made with fish, chicken, turkey, and a vegetarian substitute. On Mondays, “The Original” and “The California” both are on sale for $5.95. They also serve milkshakes for $3.95 and malts for $4.45.

To get a made-to-order burger and some very hot fries presented on a retro metal tray, you will only have to wait around five minutes. Their busiest time is at 1 p.m., so expect to wait a little longer if you plan to get lunch.

First-year Amanda Libby tried the veggie burger. “[It’s] pretty basic, but I’ll eat it,” Libby said. “Most veggie burgers don’t make me feel full or satisfied, but this is good, better than dining hall food for sure.” That seemed to be a common theme for the food there: pretty good, but nothing too special, first-year Brianna Olson said “I’d give it a 7.7 out of 10.” .

My Burger felt just like every other chain burger restaurant; it has good food, good service and some fun interior decorating that speaks to young adults. Other students agreed with its averageness but would not be against visiting the restaurant again. First-year Christina Talberg said. “I don’t think I’d ever choose to come here, but if my friends decided we were going to, I wouldn’t be upset.”

While there is not necessarily anything special about it, it is a fun place to get together and enjoy some food outside of Anderson. The prices are right for the amount of food served, there are options for vegetarians, vegans and those who do not eat red meat or gluten. Though the food is nothing too special, it doesn’t need to be. The retro vibe and friendly atmosphere makes My Burger a great spot to grab a burger with friends.