Coffee house for community and college students

Spyhouse Coffee invites people to get together while giving back.

Molly Landaeta, Reporter

The warm, welcoming atmosphere encompassed with all the smells and sounds of a coffee shop invites Twin Cities locals to come on in and enjoy pastries, many variations of drinks and a good time to hang out with others.

Spyhouse Coffee off of Snelling is one of five locations in and around the cities. Located in a cozy, quiet neighborhood surrounded by houses and a few other small shops, this coffee house is one worth stopping by.

Inside, the wooden accents with green plants and white walls showcase the relaxed and comfortable vibe, while the yellowed, dim lighting mixed with plenty of natural light allows for a stress-free environment. This shop is very much one for coming with friends and hanging out while maybe getting a little bit of work done.

While the atmosphere is rather calm, because of the music and bustling crowd, this would not be the best place to sit down alone and study. That being said, there are still plenty of people found here with headphones in cranking away at work.

The trip, which is around 15 minutes on the A-line and 10 minutes by car, may not be justifiable to everyone. The trek to the campus Starbucks is far more convenient, especially now that it is winter.

Spyhouse Coffee offers pastries and plenty of options for coffee and tea drinkers. Although the prices are pretty high, with a regular coffee starting at $2.75 and going up to almost $6 for specialty lattes, the prices can be rationalized.

With sustainability and community in mind, Spyhouse Coffee is always working to decrease their environmental impact while increasing their communal impact. Donating to neighborhood business, purchasing from local farmers and shops and instilling many green initiatives into their coffee houses shows that they are using their business for good.

As someone always looking to support small business doing their part to impact their community in a positive way and the environment in as little way as possible, I think it makes the shop definitely worth coming to.

The expensive drinks, long journey, and atmosphere do not make Spyhouse a place I would plan to sit down in for a day of studying. But it is a good place to get together with friends, do a little bit of informal work and drink some coffee while giving back to the community.