Fashion files: Spring into style

Kristina Remus, Reporter

Spring has officially sprung in Saint Paul with a beautiful display of blooming flowers and excited Minnesotans. Warmer weather and sunny days bring all kinds of unique fashion to Hamline’s lively campus. While some students opt for comfort over style, many students view the warmer weather as an opportunity to pack up their winter sweaters and dust off a whole new wardrobe.


Many students around campus express their sense of style every day. Showing off a unique wardrobe is a great way to feel confident on a day to day basis, even if you are just going to class. For junior Kiira Christopherson, fashion is a means to show the world that she is an individual.

“I think expressing yourself through your clothes is one of the best ways to do it – there isn’t a definitive style that I have, I just wear what I feel good in!” Christopherson said.

Kristina Remus
Junior Kiira Christopherson blends in with the verdant vernal vegetation.

Fashion is all about exactly that. It is not meant to be defined or restricted, there’s a sense of freedom of expression in every outfit. Sophomore Autumn Wilkie describes her own unique style in 3 words.

“Trendy, coordinated, and fun!” said Wilkie. For a sunny Friday look, she wore a black A-line mini skirt complete with knee-high boots.

Sophomore Tsion Tulu wore a stylish spaghetti strap dress with a classic checkered pattern. She describes her wardrobe as comfortable and floral, a combination sure to please any college student.

Kristina Remus
Sophomores Autumn Wilkie (left) and Tsion Tulu (right) wearing dark colors on a bright day.

Whether you sport some sweatpants or go all out in your sense of style, fashion has a place for everyone. As stressful finals approach, take the time to look into your closet and dig out your favorite pieces that make you feel good. Your sense of style is one thing you can actually control when life gets chaotic, and it should be something that is celebrated, no matter your gender or age.