Week in Sports – September 18


Melanie Hopkins

Junior quarterback Connor Leavens (#15) readies to pass as his offensive line holds the defense back.

Levi Jones, Sports Editor

Women’s Soccer Vs Macalester 2-1 W

Women’s soccer had two firsts this week as they played their first conference game and their first home game against Macalester. The game was played on a wet field due to the week’s rain. The rain did not stop the Pipers from playing their best. Only 20 minutes into the game Hamline first-year Anna Browne put Hamline on top. Right before the first half ended Macalaster snuck in a goal, tying it up as the teams went to halftime. The second half was hard fought as Hamline senior Siri Parker scored at the 60-minute mark. The game ended without any more scoring giving Hamline the win 2-1 over Macalester. This was in part to the work of Hamline junior and Oracle employee, Melanie Hopkins who had six stops in goal. 


Men’s Soccer @ Wis-Superior 4-1 L

The Pipers traveled to Wisconsin for their first away game of the season on Sept. 13. The game would determine if Hamline could start their season off 3-0, or if they would lose their first game of the season. The game did not start well for Hamline as they gave up a goal at the 17-minute mark. Wis-Superior kept up the pressure scoring a second time before the end of the first half. The second half followed in a similar way as Wis-Superior scored two more goals. Yet Hamline sophomore Logan Weller refused to have the team go home without scoring any points. Right before the game ended Weller put Hamline on the board. The game ended 4-1, giving Hamline their first loss of the season. 


Volleyball Vs Wis-Superior 3-2 W

The volleyball team played two games on Friday. The first was against St. Benedict who beat Hamline 3-0. Hamline needed to win their second game against Wis-Superior in order to be able to get the split that night. The game’s first set was close with Hamline putting up 26 points, however, they fell short of Wis-Superior’s 28 points giving them the first set. Hamline fought back, taking the second and third sets by thirteen and two points respectively. Needing only one more set to win Hamline was faced with the fourth set, an opportunity for them to end the match without going to the fifth. Hamline put up 23 points, yet was unable to secure the win in that set. As the fifth set came around Hamline needed the win or else they would be going home with two losses in the night. Fortunately, the team was able to beat their opponents by three points giving them the win.


Volleyball Vs Northland 3-0 W

Hamline Volleyball played their third and final game in River Falls on Saturday, Sept. 14. After a split in the first two the team was hoping to end the weekend on top. In order to do so, they would have to beat Northland. The match started with Hamline taking the opening set 25 to 14. The second set saw Hamline beating their opponents by 16 points. The final set of the match went to Hamline despite allowing Northland 19 points. The win was in large part due to the 17 kills made by junior Madison Hurrle, and the 32 assists from junior Megan Rubbelke. The team currently stands at an overall standing of 7-3. For their next game, the team plans to go to Winona and take on St. Mary’s on Wednesday, Sept. 18.


Football@ Macalester 31-27

Hamline’s rivalry with Macalester dates back to the 19th century. In 1965 this rivalry took the form of a paint bucket traded back and forth between the teams over the years. On Sept.14 the teams met to try and see who would take home the Paint Bucket this year. Hamline started the game strong with Hamline sophomore Zander Payne and first-year Tyler Dobbs both getting touchdowns in the first quarter. Hamline was two scores ahead and comfortable as the game entered the second quarter. Macalaster upped their pressure as they evened the score before sophomore Triston Thomas put Hamline back in the lead in the final minute of the first half. The pressure was back on as the third quarter started. Hamline began it with a touchdown from junior Tanner Lunceford. Macalaster struck back scoring fifteen points, putting themselves in the lead with only one second left in the quarter. Down by three points, Hamline needed to score badly in the final quarter of the game in order to win the night. Dobbs stood out again, scoring another touchdown and putting Hamline in the lead 31-27. With ten minutes left Hamline’s defense needed to step up in order to stay on top. When the clock ran out Hamline found themselves taking home the bucket in an impressive display over their century-old rival.