Do you know your student media?

Student publications collaborate to host the first-ever Student Media Night and spread the word about their presence on campus.

Andrea Lindner, Reporter

From online news to print to radio, there is no shortage of student-led media across Hamline’s campus. Just to prove it, Hamline’s Student Media Board, made up of the Oracle, Untold Magazine, HerCampus Hamline, the Fulcrum and HU Radio hosted a Student Media Night on Oct. 2 to promote the numerous media outlets across campus.

HU Radio served as the DJ for the event, playing everything from OMI’s “Cheerleader” to Green Day’s “American Idiot.” 

HU Radio allows for students to broadcast for an hour every week about any topic across the airwaves and the internet. These topics can range from worldwide politics to putting a jigsaw puzzle together on-air, as HU Radio’s Assistant Station Manager, junior Mary Wieterlak claims she once did. 

“The radio is cool and keeps it casual,” Wieterlak said. “It is the part of student media board that is easiest to be a part of and is the easiest to balance with schoolwork.”

While HU Radio was playing some tunes, students were able to participate in a wide variety of activities, including blackout poetry and watercolor painting provided by the Fulcrum. The Fulcrum is the literary journal that is published once a year. From mid-October to February, students are able to submit visual art, poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction to the journal in hopes that it will be published. 

“Hamline is a diverse and unique community, and it is great to have a publication where student’s creativity can be shared,” said senior Sydney Holets, the Fulcrum’s editor-in-chief. 

After the journal is published in May, a release party is held where students are able to share and describe their literary and artistic works.

Untold Magazine also participated in the event. Untold, formerly called Canvas, is the campus feature magazine that is published once a semester. Social Media Manager and sophomore Zully Sosa described the magazine as something in between the Fulcrum and the Oracle, as it contains both news and artistic elements. 

“[Untold Magazine] is the musings and untold stories of Hamline,” Sosa said.

Sosa pointed out one story, in particular, a feature on the infamous creepiness of the Manor Hall basement. Untold also hosted a Zine-making table at the event, allowing students to try their hand at the intersection of news and creativity.

HerCampus Hamline also had an activity for students to get involved in. They provided a game where students would guess if the listed headline was featured on HerCampus Hamline, Buzzfeed, or The Onion. If students got it right, they were offered a prize. HerCampus Hamline is a media website which has chapters nationwide. 

“HerCampus is a great mix of articles you see in the Oracle and the artistic aspects of the Fulcrum and Canvas,” said HerCampus Hamline’s Event Coordinator and senior Ryan Saufferer.  “We also have more freedom to be opinion-based.” 

The HerCampus website features articles ranging in topics from wellness and mental health, to entertainment and lifestyle, and has been described as Hamline’s Buzzfeed.

The Oracle also tabled at the event. So did the Student Media Board, which is the budgeting committee for student publications. The board is currently looking for general members to attend meetings and vote on budgeting decisions for student media. Interested students can email Committee Chair Lydia Hansen at