Pipers beat the cold, but not the Carleton Knights

Hamline’s homecoming game ended in a close finish on a chilly day.

Levi Jones, Sports Editor

With a high of 41 degrees and fast winds, Hamline’s football fans endured a wet chilly homecoming game against the Carleton knights. 

Hamline’s homecoming saw both current students and alum put on their coats, lay down blankets and catch colds for the team. 

Despite the grueling conditions many Minnesotan football teams find themselves in, they still go out and play, though preparation for the game is just as important.

“We have been outside yesterday, outside today for practice,” Head Coach Chip Taylor said. 

The days leading up to the game had Hamline practicing in the same cold they found themselves in on Saturday, and they are sure to face for the rest of the season.

“Thank goodness the majority of our team are Minnesota guys, so they play Friday night football in this kinda weather,” Taylor said. 

The cold weather can often make it harder to pass the ball, numb fingers make catching and passing difficult. This would force Hamline to run the ball more, something they have not done as much in the season so far. Leading up to the homecoming game Hamline had only 242 rushing yards compared to their 903 passing yards.

“Ideally you want to be fifty-fifty,” Taylor said in regards to the emphasis that Hamline had had on the passing game so far.

The homecoming game saw a reversal of those numbers as Hamline saw a total of 231 rushing yards, coming close to doubling their yards in the season. Meanwhile, their passing dropped back having only 135 passing yards, with 26 attempts, 15 completions and only one interception.

It was those turnovers that were Hamline’s downfall early in the game. After stopping Carleton at the one Hamline fumbled the ball in the endzone, a recovery from Carleton put Hamline behind early. 

Hamline first-year Terrel Jones got his first touchdown at Hamline with a 47 yard run late in the first half to even the score going into halftime. This run was Jones’ longest of the season, contributing to his season-high 83 yards this game.

While the teams were off the field fans got to enjoy a performance by HU Prime, the successor to Hamline’s dance team. 

The third quarter saw more big drives from Hamline, yet they were not able to convert that yardage into the much-needed points. 

“Number one it starts with us coaches, we gotta coach better, gotta make sure our guys know exactly where to go”. coach Taylor said in regards to finishing the drives with points “the second part to it, the guys gotta execute, step the right way, block the right person, take care of the football”.

After a long day of long drives in chilling weather, Hamline seemed to fall apart with four minutes to go. A deep pass by Carleton gave them the momentum, from there the Knights ran down the field to get another touchdown. Hamline ended the game 0-3 in the red zone. The fans and teams alike went home feeling cold. 

Taylor showed his appreciation for the fans who showed up.

“They’ve been great, our fans have been awesome,” Taylor said. “Our fans have been there and they’ve cheered no matter what the score was, they were supportive. It’s all about school spirit, you know, having pride.”