Weekly MIAC Round-up

Levi Jones, Sports Editor

Women’s Hockey vs. Bethel.

With a fast start to their season, the Women’s Hockey team was looking to better their record against Bethel University. Bethel has been struggling this year, with a record of 3-5. Hamline needed to take this opportunity in order to increase their record. The first of the two games came on Friday Dec. 6. The game started slowly with no score in the first. When the second period came around Bethel scored early at only five minutes in. Hamline did not respond until late in the third period with a goal from senior Jordan Hansen followed by a goal from first-year Sophie Rausch. Hamline managed to stop any more scoring from Bethel which gave them the win for the first game. The Saturday game saw the Pipers come home to TRIA Rink. With one of the games under their belt, the Pipers played with confidence, taking the lead in the second period with a goal by first-year Madison Davis. Bethel managed to tie not long after, but Hamline stole the lead back with a goal by Hansen during a power play. The game ended, and Hamline left the weekend having swept their MIAC opponents. The Pipers currently stand at a record of 6-3-1. Their next three games will be home games against non-conference opponents.


Men’s Hockey vs. Bethel.

It has been a difficult opening for Men’s Hockey. Their 2-7-1 start is not ideal. The team was hoping to turn that around with their games against Bethel. The first game was at home on Friday, Dec. 6. Hamline began the game with a first period goal by sophomore Brandon Bissett followed up four minutes later by junior Riley Meyer. The early lead sent Hamline into the second period feeling confident. However, Bethel had different plans. During the second period, Bethel scored twice to tie the game going into the third. Hamline’s strong start was undone by the time the game was over. Bethel scored midway through the third without a response from Hamline. The Pipers would require a win during the away game the next day in order to get their second conference win.

The second game started with an early score from Bethel, only two minutes in. Hamline was able to respond with a goal from first-year Sam Dabrowski. Bethel was able to score again before the end of the period. The second period passed with neither offense being able to score on the other team. The third period seemed to be a reverse of the first. Hamline first-year Jackson Bond scored an early goal to tie the game 2-2. Bethel managed another goal, putting them back on top. As the game was winding down, Hamline needed a goal in order to stay in the game and hopefully take it to overtime. Sophomore Weiland Parrish delivered when he was needed, scoring nearly twenty minutes into the period. The third ended with the teams tied 3-3. Overtime was Hamline’s opportunity to take the lead and walk away from the weekend with a 1-1 split. However, Bethel’s defense proved too strong. At the end of the overtime, the game was still tied 3-3. Hamline now stands with a record of 2-8-2. Three of their next four games will be away. Their next home game will be against St.Olaf on Jan. 4.


Men’s Basketball vs. St. John’s

Being in the MIAC has taught all teams that playing against St. John’s is a tough game. This is made even truer when St. John’s is ranked 12 in the nation. Hamline’s hopes of climbing out of their 1-4 record were raised during the first half as Hamline ended only six points behind their nationally-ranked opponents with a score of 38-32. The second half wasn’t as kind to Hamline. Despite having quality possession time, the Pipers were not able to finish their drives. With a low number of offensive rebounds, Hamline was giving the ball to St. John’s more than they were scoring. This gave St.John’s the opportunity to score 44 points over Hamline’s 25. By the end of the game, the close first half was all but null. Hamline fell 82-57. Hamline’s top scorer was first-year Marshall Holland who took home 12 points during the game. Hamline’s field goal percentage dropped by six percent between the halves. The team is set to play the rest of December in away games, including two in Florida during winter break. Their next home game will be against St.Thomas on Jan. 6.


Women’s Basketball vs. St. Benedict.

Starting the season off 4-2, Hamline has been just ahead of where they were last year. This game would help put them in a better position, a loss would tie them with their record last season. In order to come out with the win, Hamline would have to face one of their toughest opponents yet. St. Benedict has been undefeated so far this season. Hamline would need a strong showing. The first quarter did not go well for Hamline. The team fell behind 23-8. The second quarter, however, saw Hamline strike back, scoring 21 to St. Benedict’s 9. The end of the first half Hamline was behind by only three points. They were solidly in the game and needed just one good run in order to give them the lead. The third quarter was another difficult one for Hamline. They gave up 20 points while taking only 13. Down by ten Hamline would need a strong push in order to take the game. The Pipers managed to score ten points during the final quarter, yet St.Benedict took 14. The game ended with a score of 66-52. Hamline has fallen to 4-3. First-year Lydia Lecher lead Hamline in points with 16 points. The team’s next home game will be against St.Olaf on Dec.11. After this, the team will have four away games with two of them taking place in Florida over the break.