Weekly MIAC round-up


Melanie Hopkins

Melanie Hopkins
First-year Lydia Lecher goes up for the tip-off to start off the game.

Levi Jones, Sports Editor

Women’s Hockey 

@ St. Catherine’s 8-1, 8-0, W

The Hamline Women’s Hockey team spent their weekend winning their games against St.Catherine’s. Hamline needed the wins in order to secure a high seed in the upcoming MIAC playoffs.

Game one was played at Tria Rink on Friday, Feb. 21. First-year Sophie Rausch dominated the first period, putting Hamline up by scoring two points. An early second period goal by first-year Madison Davis was swiftly responded to by St.Catherine’s with their first point. As the game carried on Davis would score two more times. Davis is the 18th player for Hamline to record a hat trick, scoring three points in a single game. By the end of the game, Hamline had won 8-1.

The second game of the weekend happened on Saturday, Feb. 22. The final game of the regular season for Women’s Hockey, the team was on the road. Hamline dominated all three periods to sweep St.Catherine’s. The big winner of the night, however, was sophomore Molly Garin, who’s goal and three assists put her on top of the MIAC. Garin currently leads the MIAC in points with 39 in the year. By the end of the game Hamline had a shot advantage of 42-10. Hamline is set to host Augsburg on Feb. 29 at 2:00 in TRIA Rink for the MIAC semifinals.

Women’s Basketball

@ Concordia 79-76 W

As Hamline approaches the end of the basketball season Hamline had one last chance to secure a place in the MIAC playoffs. Leading up to their Saturday, Feb. 22 game, the team had a five game losing streak. Still, the team was determined to make their first playoff appearance since the 2012-2013 season. To do so they needed to beat Concordia, a team they were tied with. Whoever won this game would make the playoffs. Whoever lost, their season would end. As the women took the court against Concordia, Hamline honored its seniors in what could possibly be their last game.

The first quarter saw Hamline take an early lead against their MIAC opponents, putting themselves up 29 to 21. The second and third quarters Hamline fell behind, scoring only 13 and 12 points respectively. Going into the final quarter the score was 54-60 in favor of Concordia. Yet the Pipers decided this would not be how their season ended. The team rallied together, taking the lead with only 4:31 left in the game. Concordia kept the game close, until a three point shot by first-year Lydia Lecher gave Hamline a seven point lead. As the clock wound down Concordia was catching up, closing the points gap by four. At the last second Concordia managed to score, yet Hamline’s lead was too much for them to take. Hamline outscored Concordia 25-16 in the fourth quarter. The game ended 79-76.

Sophomore Chan’el Anderon-Manning had a great night, scoring 21 points, and tieing her career high. Anderson-Manning shot 55.5 percent from the floor and 50 percent from the three. Hamline’s victory came in part from their ability to draw penalties from Concordia, scoring 22 points from the free throw line compared to the Cobbers 10. Hamline’s first playoff game will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 25 at Gustavus Adolphus.


@ Carthage 11-8 W

Last season the Lacrosse team made it to the second round of the NCAA D3 tournament. After graduating a few seniors, and adding a few new players, the team is ready to start their new season. The season opener was technically a home game. Due to snow on Klas field however Hamline’s home games are being played in the Augsburg Dome.

The game opened with two goals from Carthage. By the end of the first period however, Hamline would take back the lead, controlling the scoreboard 4-2. The second period saw both teams scoring more. Like the first, the second opened with an early score from Carthage. This time Hamline responded early. The teams traded blows until Hamline managed three points in a row. The Pipers were on top 11-5 with less than ten minutes left in the game. Hamline went on the defensive. Carthage responded scoring twice early on. With only three minutes left Carthage scored a third time. However when the game ended Hamline took the win 11-8. This win was due in large part to Hamline goalie, junior Alyssa Bryan-Jeffries. Bryan-Jeffries spent the entire 60 minutes in goal and had 18 saves out of 26 shots on goal. Her stellar performance helped Hamline hold off the offensive push from Carthage late in the game. Hamline’s top scorer was senior Kalley Elwell who scored four points in seven shots during the game. The Lacrosse season will continue March 7 at Klas Field at 1 p.m.